HH accessories

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  1. I can't stop buying them!! LOL! My first purchase was the black tassels on clearance...and I loved it...so I did more looking around and got the mini studded bowery clutch and fell in love! So I saw the 50% code...and looked around even more...and got a coin purse! I can't stop buying...their accessories are WAY too cute!
  2. yeah i really want a keyfob but i can't pay $10 shipping for something that costs $20, thats just silly to me
  3. ^^ 2nd, I ordered some accessories during the free shipping offer, it made a lot more sense to me.

    I got the Cream Flower coin purse (gorgeous); the LeJardin scarf (incredibly gorgeous!!) and the Kitten bracelet (that one went back, and I'm getting grey and black Celina cuffs instead).
  4. HH does make the cutest accessories!
  5. The accessories are my first foray into HH too. I bought the iPod case. Then the chocolate tassel and the acorn charm. It was getting addictive because I was like, "Oh, this is just $6 and this is just $13." And with no tax and free shipping, it was great!
  6. My first accessory was the VCP pilot, then the Wyeth clutch. Waiting on VCP clutch wallet and key fob (love the color and leather) a Bowery clutch and one of the feather charms for my Wyeth tote and hobo. This last code was to good to resist.
  7. Oh, yeah, I got an iPod case too! :shame: I really needed one, though-- I was using an cell phone case I got from Goodwill that just wasn't working.

    Is the little pouch in the back supposed to be for the earbuds? Mine don't really fit in there.
  8. The accessories are too cute!
    I have tassels for my 2 bags, plus a couple charms and a keyfob. Next I want a wallet!
  9. :love: The accessories ARE gorgeous. I have so many now that I need to find new means of storing them! (bigger boxes)
    The tassels are wonderful, I suggest you buy whichever ones you like while you can because the clydes are not going to be produced anymore, they have a new tassel coming out for their spring collection and it's definitely different.
  10. I can't wait for spring accessories...they are all too cute to resist!