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  1. Is anyone obsessed with HGTV shows 'redesign' and 'Divine Design' like I am? I just began the process of gutting my house so I am looking for any and all ideas....
  2. I love those shows! I've gotten some great tips of decorating my condo on a budget.

    I also love house hunters.
  3. I've always liked Candice Olson, so yes, I really like Divine Design. I remember when she was on a local TV station, here in Toronto, and I discovered her and liked her, back then.

    My one compliant with her show is the silliness at the end of each segment. I wish they would stop clowning around (I don't find it cute at all) and use that minute to fill with some useful information, such as "more or less" or colour theory or a "must have item" or anything but the nonsensical stuff they do now.

    Ii think what I'm saying is that I like the show enough to not want any of my time wasted. I want Candice to teach me something.
  4. HGTV ~ Is Fabulous!!! I Can Just Sit There & Watch & Watch!!!:love:

  5. I never thought of it that way. I think it's part of her "shtick". Next time I watch it though, it will probably bother me b/c now my attention has been brought to it.
  6. I enjoy watching Designed to Sell, although the price tags they give to their purchases are ridiculous. Somehow they are able to get a brand new leather sofa and loveseat set for $135, and a brand new 6-chair dining set for $98. I want to know what store they are buying from! I think they edit their prices to fall within their $2000 budget.
  7. It is part of her "shtick" but she never used to be like that. Sorry if I brought something to your attention that you hadn't thought about before. I just find that part of her show so silly. Other than that, I really like her.

    What do you think about Sarah Richardson? ("Design Inc") She also lives and works here in Toronto and I bought two pieces of her furniture (she has a furniture line)... I like her show as well.

    Her new show is called "Sarah's House"... haven't seen it yet...
  8. This is my all-time favorite channel. My house is completely decorated, I'm never going to move, and my yard is perfect, so I don't know why I can't stop watching.

    My favorite show is "House Hunters" and my next favorite is "Buy Me". I also like David Bromstad's show (the guy who won last year's DesignStar contest). He is just pure entertainment!

    BTW, I think a new edition of DesignStar starts in July!
  9. I love redesign. I swear that guy is a genius!
  10. I'm hooked as well.
  11. I love HGTV too! I love House Hunters (even though I'm a homeowner), Curb Appeal and My House is Worth What? Designed to Sell is great too as is Hidden Potential. Amazing creativity! Although tPF drains my wallet (hehehe) I do have do forge ahead with home improvement projects so HGTV inspires me.
  12. Isn't House Hunters great? I love the little mystery of "which one will they choose" and I really like the ending where they show what the homeowners have done since moving in.

    I try and watch the House Hunters when it visits other countries too.

    My DH was actually on Curb Appeal a few times! He owns a stone company and they came to his business and interviewed him. He showed the rock selection process and talked about patio stones. It was great fun for him!
  13. I love Devine Design. I really don't enjoy Decorating Cents and Mission Organization, but HGTV seem to fill the entire weekend line-up with these two shows. Most of the "decorating" in Decorating Cents make me cringe.
  14. I know what you mean. They do repeat the same shows over and over again.
  15. That's so cool, leelee!! :tup: ITA they have done a nice job with House Hunters also by doing the 'which did they choose' at the end. I don't remember them doing it like that when I first started watching about 4-5 years ago.

    I also love Design on a Dime!