HGTV Deserving Design ~ Please help me find this mirror!

  1. I am trying to find the faceted panel mirror over the fireplace mantle used in one of Vern's makeovers. I can't find any info on where it came from on the HGTV site...if anyone has seen it please let me know! TIA!
  2. Could he have made it himself?

    My friend has a few mirrors like that in her powder room (although a lot smaller)that she made herself. She used a plywood board backing and glued mirror tiles(not sure what kind of glue she used) and then trimmed it using the same trim that her powder room has.

    If you're crafty, maybe you could try that.

    Good luck!
  3. I guess it is possible that he made it himself, they never went into on the show or on the website. Unfortunately I am completely craft-challenged :push:, but it might be worth considering to attempt it. Thanks a bunch!