HGs for nearly 1k?

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  1. Ok so I said I wouldnt pay $1099 for the nude VPs but a friend of mine was able to find them for me overseas and after all the exchange the shoes will cost me $950. I want them sooo badly but have not dropped that much on shoes. Does anyonevknow what they retail in the US? I'm thinking very hard about this purchase......please advise!!! TIA
  2. Are they the patent nude?
  3. well, just so everyone knows, VP's have went up to 795 now, so after tax and whtever else, if you found them, love them, wanted them for soo long and they are your hg's?????....... just ENJOY the HELL out of them !!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. I bought them for $795. I have heard that they will be in CL BH soon so if you can secure a pair there, you could probably save yourself about $120-$150 (depending on tax) as opposed to paying $950.

    I guess it really depends on how badly you want them and if you can stand the wait or possibility that they sell out so quickly from BH that you can't get a pair?
  5. yes they are the nude. all sizes at bh are pre sold or so I wastold by the sa. So this is the only option for me and I think I'm gonna dive in and put myself on a huge ban coz I just bought a car and will be moving into my first home in 2 months with my bf if 4 years. I'll make these shoes worth every penny by wearing them everywhere!!

  6. CONGRATS!!!!! you should totally get them if they are your hg, 100$ more after what you pay in taxes in Cali isn't too bad and at least you know you'll definitely have them! I did this with my HG blue suede rolandos- I couldn't find them anywhere for months, so I paid a little extra on a certain site and its been totally worth it! These are HOLY GRAIL shoes we are talking about!

    ps i wondering about what you said about the nudes being presold... I was allegedly on this list near the top (the SA told me) I'm wondering if they meant sold sold as in taken CC info and gone through, or just the list:wtf: can you provide any clarification- i might just:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  7. I have no idea if cc info has already been taken but a gentleman answered and told me they are all presold...call them tomorrow and ask whether you have a guaranteed pair
  8. It sounds like you will have to "bite the bullet" to get them, but for your HG it is worth it.
  9. I gave my CC info when I called to be put on the list because I wanted to make sure I got them and the girl told me they will charge them and call me when they get in so I think presold is those ppl that gave their CC info already??:hrmm:
  10. Yeah this will be my silver bullet for 2008 hahaha.
  11. Call CL boutique in Beverly Hills and ask for Aleisa 310-247-9300. She is very helpful! I would try to find them before paying over $1000 for them. GOOD LUCK!!!
  12. I think that they are worth it.
  13. If they took your cc info then you should have them for sure. Congrats!!
  14. I gave Alesia my CC info and she said I was guaranteed to get the ONLY pair of 41s that they were getting. Can you imagine a boutique in BH only getting one pair of a certain size? Thats insanity. Im so glad I did it. I told her to call me before they ran it so I could make sure my daily limit was raised so it would go through. I really hope you get a pair!
  15. yeah most stores only get a few pairs of each shoe so its pretty crazy! Congrats on finding them!! I'm so excited to finally get my hgs