Hgbagsonline consignment


Feb 26, 2012
Had anyone consigned with HGBagsonline? Thought I have purchased from them in the past, I am less than thrilled with how they are handling my consignments. I sent them two bags and communication was good...at first, but on October 13 I was notified one bag sold and we discussed doing the other as a low start auction (it was a Mulberry and they just are not selling). I agreed and never heard another word.

I emailed HG on October 26 to ask what happened at the auction (I didn’t even know if it had been listed yet) and when payment for the first bag would be issued as I know some consignment sites issue payment on specific dates. She emailed me back that the second bag sold, but that I wouldn’t get payment for the first bag until ebays return period for the auctioned second bag was up. To me that was a bit of a head scratcher. I mean if bag 2 gets returned, am I not getting paid for the first bag until it sells again? It is now November 16 and I haven’t heard from her. I feel like they sort of stole my bags.

Question one is, anyone had a similar experience with them? Question two, as I am about to get after her, what legal recourse do I have if she never pays me? My local police? Police in her state? Blast her on social media?
Dec 9, 2015
What are the terms of your consignment agreement with HGBags? Do you have an agreement?
I’ve never heard of the release of funds from one sale being contingent on the sale of another. It sounds like an excuse to me to hang on to your money. I think you should make as much noise as possible until they pay you what they owe you. Where are you based? In the UK I’d be contacting trading standards, do you have an equivalent?


Apr 5, 2009
I’ve never co-signed with her only purchased. I think I tried to co-sign a few items with her years ago and the quotes she gave me were super low and I sold them on bonanza myself.

I did google eBays return policy and found this.

If they want a refund for buyer's remorse they should return it within 14 days after getting return authorization. If the return is for item not as described they have 30 days after the delivery date given in the listing to file a dispute.

With that my question is what did the agreement/contract state about how the payment will be issued? I can understand if going the eBay route her wanting to wait until after 30 days of delivery to issue the payment, because if she pays you right away and they buyer changes their mind on day 29 and decides to return it she’ll be out money.