hgbagsonline -best sale ever?

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  1. I been following this forum for the past couple of months and I've decided to get my Nightingale from hgbagsonline. Can anyone tell me what has been the best time of year to purchase from them and what's been their best sale prices ever?
    I saw that they had a $200 off coupon code on Labour Day weekend but did it apply to Nightingales too?
    I'm pretty patient so I'm willing to wait for a good price.:smile:
  2. USD200 off is very attractive! I got my nightingale from them also at only USD100 off. Besides that, if you wait until the best discount, the bag that you like might be sold already!
  3. I have noticed that basic black Givenchy styles sell very quickly on HGBags - the Medium size Pandoras and Nightingales especially. The prices are already a generous discount, so if you are looking for black I would jump on it right away!

    Every other weekend or so, there is often a $100-off coupon plus free shipping that applies to Givenchy. There tend to be fewer discounts off the online starting price for this brand, again because Givenchy bags are usually discounted more steeply than other brands (like Balenciaga) on the site.
  4. Yes the Givenchy bags ESP the Blk usually don't get matched down much, it's usually the seasonal colors, I also got my navy last week with a $100 off coupon plus free ship, that's probably going to be the best deal:sad: you do have to remember the Med retails for $2050 so it's already a lot less than Retail!
  5. How do you get the coupon discount? Only for members?
  6. oh, i got the beige pandora which was discounted at $1095 plus i used the fashionista code for an extra $100 off. i got the bag for $995, without tax, and free shipping. the BEST!
  7. Like the Facebook page!
  8. Thanks for all the info! I just bought my dark violet nightingale for $200 off the sale price and free shipping!! Use the code fashionistas for an extra $100 off.
  9. Congrats!!! Gorgeous bag :smile:

    I bought the light violet one!!
  10. Great deal! So curious to see some more photos of dark violet - please post when you receive the bag. :smile:
  11. My only bone to pick with them is the size...they only stock medium. I need large :sad:
  12. You can sign up to their email notifications on their website

  13. If you like her on FB too you will be the first to know!!
  14. Have you seen the large? It's Really large!!
    I ran into a girl last night with the exact same Gale except hers was a large and mine was medium and it seemed massive!
  15. Good to know. Thanks.