Hgbags ?

  1. Have anyone in here consign with Erica yet? i want to know if i should send it to her or real deal collection any input would be great, thanks! :idea:
  2. Please do a search on the forum. There was a thread about hgbags consignment charges. If I remember correctly, hgbags charges less fee than RDC. RDC has her online store; Erica sells on *Bay and consignment is her newly started session.

    The best way to find out is to send an email to Erica and ask her for details. Erica is super nice, she replies quickly.
  3. I have not used HGBags' services so I cannot comment much of the comparison. I agree, she is a wonderful seller! I know the consignment side of business is new and she does consign bags other than Balenciaga. I agree with HangbagAngel that her charge fees are less, but you have to pay for the listing fees, so even if your bags did not sell on eBay, you still will be responsible for the listing fees. I never sold on *Bay, but I wonder even if you bag sells once, the total charge fee may be close for both stores...? Depending on the market of *Bay and how your bag sells, at the end, total fees may come the same or more compare to RDC. Also, I do not know how high she would try to sell the bags initially so I am not sure how much of the money for us, the consignors, will get at the end is better...

    I have used RDC for purchase, trades and consignment and am really happy with her store and services! As a consignor, I love the fact that she seems to have lots of clients and matches the bags with their wishlists before putting them on the storefront, so the bags gets sold fairly quickly. When I started to search for consigning my Bbags, I looked around and I think her fees are very fair in today's online consignment market. I like her price settings, too, because I feel I get back as much as I can as a consignor without trying to sell for myself. As a buyer, I love her inventory and especially love the 'trade' part because I would be able to buy her store Bbags without breaking the bank per sae. So if your consignment bags sits in the store, you can receive Bbucks which is like a store credit. I also feel she gives me the sense of personal customer service, and that really makes me at ease to do business with her for my Bal bags.

    Again, my experience for consignment is from using RDC only. But I am very happy with it so for Balenciaga consignment, and I will still continue to use RDC:tup:
  4. Thanks! Tiramisu that is what i am wonder too if her final fee is include eBay and paypal or her is after minus evilbay and paypal.
  5. Ooooooh ... I didn't know that Erica is now consigning bags; that's great ... it just gives us all another option. I have also sold bags through both RDC and Ann's Fabulous Finds and have had great experiences with both.
  6. Erica is great!! I got a GSH CP for a good price. :biggrin: