HG metallic lily found...need advice

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  1. I found a metallic lily on the bay in pretty good used condition. I need your help in deciding whether to bid or not. Does anybody who owns a lily have any advice on the wear and tear etc.? I would appreciate any input:smile:
  2. hi i just got an xl in black yesterday. its mt hg bag as well! i had one before in whiskey but had to let her go due to defects.i used that bag alot and as far as wear from me... it held up great, im not sure about the metallic. i would think it would be a bit fragile. but if you are easy on your bags id say go for it. lilies are so hard to come by.
  3. As a fellow black XL Lily owner, I must say that mine is pretty good at holding up. It has the minor "O" ring issue, but it's fixable! On a metallic though, I hear the corners rub off, not to mention the back side as well.
  4. The metallic lily is gone on ebay. I was discussing with the owner. Hopefully you grabbed it!!!
  5. i had a metallic lily and she was gorgeous... way to heavy for me, but other than that, gorgeous!!! if not for the heavyness, i wish i could have kept her... i say if it's a good price, go for it!!!
  6. I've had mine over a year & no wear or problems so far *knock on wood*

    I've carried her a good amount, though not frequently.... only in good weather & I definitely baby her.

    Good luck!
  7. Hi,
    I have the Medium Black Lily!!! I love her!!! I don't use her all the time but have had her for almost 2 years with no problems!!! (I call her my speeding ticket bag because I got a speeding ticket on the way to the Mall to get her during a PCE event! LOL)

    Lynne :biggrin: