HG! Look in here

  1. The red croc bag and the black purse Giselle is holding on her right hand,....
  2. Is that red croc Prada?,.. I don know,.. confused!!!!
  3. Oh, that pic! All those bags aren't Hermes. Girl! Why are you asking me what brand that is when you know darn well I know nothing about other handbags.:s I can't tell a fake LV if it bit me.:sad: This is a question for everyone else on the forum.:lol:
  4. Made me laugh!^^
  5. :cursing: I'll get you my little pretty!
  6. I need to know who makes that bag!, I'm spent,.. I've looked at every single designers web sites! This is wht happenes when you drop everythig for Hermes!! Your left outta the loop with everyone else!
  7. .........and my little dog, too?:P
  8. yeah, your little dog too,..
  9. hi ladies, did you have fun yesterday?? sorry i couldnt make it. i hope you got my message bagg. i'm back home. will be going to ny again in about a month.
  10. I got your message, When you come to NY we'll catch-up! It's always fun to go to Hermes!
  11. I think both bags are from Asprey....
  12. I think you are right, Eric... anyone remember that pic in Stars and Hermes of Victoria Beckham all decked out in red? This bag is not identical, if I remember right, but it's close... someone in that thread said it was an Asprey.
  13. :graucho: Thanks!