HG Disaster ~ but bubblegum saves the (V) day ;)

  1. well my lovely & oh soooo patient dh really pushed the boat out this year & went to no end of trouble to get me my HG :heart: ~ not a bbag but my other addiction ~ a chanel ~ shh! ~ i had lusted over this bag in every glossy pic i could find & after tearing into the gorgeous gift wrap like a woman possessed i just couldn't believe my eyes when i read the label on the end of the box :nuts: ~ however ~ when i opened the box & saw my HG for the first time irl ..................i just didn't like the colour :crybaby: ~ how was i going to tell dh? ~ same way as usual ~ on the telephone after a big glass of red! :lol: ~ anyhoo ~ the HG has gone to someone who will love her to bits ~ dh is totally cool with everything :sweatdrop: ~ & i got the consolation prize............. some gorgeous bubblegum goodies! ~ sorry about pic quality ~ took them with my cell phone ~ Happy V~Day to all x



  2. Oh, I love them!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous pinks and they are so cute together!!
  3. Awwww congrats! The MU is :drool: I love them both, and I'm glad you're happy with them! Happy vday!
  4. Those are so perfect! What a GREAT DH!!! Enjoy them!
  5. love the BG accessories, and the card! what a sweet DH you have!!
  6. Happy V Day to you! The pinks look so pretty together and what a wonderful DH you have!
  7. Those are very very pretty :smile: Just out of curiousity, what was the chanel?

    Happy valentines day!!!
  8. & to you x

    bordeaux '06 reissue :crybaby:
  9. perfect set, congrats!
  10. aww they are the perfect pink for vday! congrats on the goodies!
  11. Such a nice husband!! Enjoy your pink treasures and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
  12. Serves you right for straying from bbags! Just kidding... Oh... I love the bbgum cuties! I want them!!! Especially the coin purse - too cute!
  13. wow, what a sweet DH!! gorgeous BG goodies!! and your pics are incredible for a cell phone - can i ask what kind you have? my phone takes crap pics! congrats again :yes:
  14. I'm loving all this pink on VDay!:tender:
  15. NICE..... cONgrats~!!!