HG Bag Mystery and Lots of Other Eye Candy

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  1. Some of you may remember my post a while back on this http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/so-bummed-question-for-cranberry-sabrina-owners-545235.html. I finally found a camera to use and went a little crazy posting "family photos".

    Anyway, to sum up, I was disappointed that my cranberry sabrina looks reddish instead of burgundy and not sparkly but kind of "choppy" almost pebbled. I bought this bag off ebay knowing it was used. The seller sent me a bottle of Coach leather cleaner as an unexpected "bonus gift". I am wondering if perhaps she used the Coach leather cleaner on the Sabrina and it stripped off the sparkly sheen, changed the texture of the leather and the color.

    Thoughts anyone? I know no respecting TPFer uses the Coach leather cleaners and most prefer Apple. I am figuring there is a reason for that.

    So here are the pictures of her, she really does not look like cranberry to me even though I know she is....pink lining, right creed, hangtags...

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  2. Here are pictures of my most recent purchase....small Steel Sabrina. Another ebay find but I lucked out with this one. Got her for $200, seller said she only used her once. She's in perfect condition! You gotta love this lining!

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    Now my favorite. Some of you may even remember the extreme lengths I went through to get her. Small black patent Sabrina with amber hardware. Style number 12957. Took lots of pics so you could see the color of the hardware, simply stunning...and the dark purple lining. Really Coach needs to shake things up and go back to linings like this instead of the blah lavendar!

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  4. I do see what your saying....she does look pebbled--weird!! I don't have any suggestions but I'm hoping someone here does:smile: You're not crazy, I see the difference...
  5. A couple more pics since she is such a beauty and we have not seen her on the forum in awhile

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  6. Now for my family photos...group Sabrina shots..small Cranberry, Steel, Black Patent and Grass. I have no single shots of the Grass, this does not mean I love her any less, just that my daugher wanted her camera back :smile: Enjoy!

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  7. I agree the Cranberry Sabrina doesn't have much of that glossy shine...but the black patent Sabrina is sooooo sleek and stunning.
  8. Thank you! Yes not at all what I was expecting. The item was poorly listed, which is why I think I got the good price. Photos were not great but I took a chance since at the time the bag was not showing up at the outlets like now. She even sent it to me packed in an empty box of diapers wrapped in brown bag paper. So Lord only knows what she did to it! So even though I technically have my HG, my search still continues for one in better shape.

  9. You have such a beautiful Sabrina Family collection!!!!!
  10. They are beautiful, you picked some very rare colors. :smile:
  11. love your Sabrina family. I guess the question is do you love her???
    I think she is beautiful.
  12. I remember reading your first post about the cranberry Sabrina. At the time I wondered if the previous owner had washed/wiped the bag down with a cleaner that removed that extra shine.

    On the other had I've seen some bags/leather with more shine than others so it could just be that that bag is on the less shiny side.

    Personally I think the bag is lovely, but everyone is different, so understand your reservations.

    Love your collection of Sabrinas, BTW.
  13. Yeah I am thinking it had to be the coach leather cleaner. Wonder if I appled her if it would help any

  14. Your Sabrina family pictures are gorgeous! I love the mix of colors! Enjoy!