HG and top 5 charms from this year?

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  1. Hi, was just wondering what are everyones HG charms and top 5 charms from this year? Im really quite new to JC, just started my charm collection, maybe a week ago? Would have to say my fave this yr is hedgehog! :yahoo:

    Whats yours? :biggrin:
  2. My favorite ever is the Pinata charm. however I really adore the Gnome, the peacock and the fireplace from this year!
  3. The fireplace charm is really gorgeous too!
  4. Wow, I have so many that I really want - Elephant on egg, casino chip, roulette wheel, slot machine, toy yorkie, igloo, yorkies around the fire hydrant, and the pink, lavender and blue yorkies are at the top of the list.

    My top 5 of the year are: Yorkie in sleigh, pink bow, hedgehog, peacock and bluebird.
  5. Omg,ive never seen the pink/lavender/blue yorkies. Lol, i want a red/blue duckie and a gumball machine charm!
  6. Dolllover posted a pic of her pink and lavender Yorkies, post #3029 on "the addiction continues..." thread. I have never seen them show up on ebay but I would pay more for those than just about any charm out there!
  7. I think my HG charm is the Fawn charm. It took me a while to get this one for a good price. Here are some photos on the charmcandy blog.


    Some of my recent favorites are the Cupcake Oven, Chihuahua, Laptop, Soda Can, Magic Bunny, Jack in the Box :love:
    There have been some great charms this year.

    BTW, just a suggestion for you new charm people...buy the current charms now while they are still available from the retailers at decent prices. The older charms will still be available on ebay and other sites in the future, and also it takes a little experience with the charms to avoid costly mistakes. Plus, many charms are re-issued, so your HG older charm could be coming out again soon, which means it will be affordable, but also with the new release the older charm will most likely drop in price.
  8. Thanks katierose! Oh i didnt know the laptop one was this year. And im totally thinking of getting the soda can :smile: And oooh, the lavender one is too cute! Im really hoping juicy re-issues the ice skate charm!
  9. Ooh, I forgot to add the fawn to my list of must gets! :smile: I don't see that one come up very often...

    Thanks for the advice Katierose! I just noticed a bunch of markdowns on Nordstrom this week if any one is looking for good deals on the current charms.
  10. Lol they have the vampire lips and robot on sale!!
  11. Currently, I am searching for the swan, owl, and frog prince.

    My top five picks of the year would have to be the airplane, sheep, hedgehog, peacock, and ltd pave leaves.
  12. My HG charms are:
    - Jack-o-lantern

    Best of 2010
    -Vampire Lips LE :heart::heart::heart:
    -Pave Bow LE
  13. Some of my HG charms are the Deck of Cards, Slot Machine, Swan,Black Corset, Pave Baseball Bat. Too many to count.

    Best of 2010- Vampire Lips, Laptop,Skull, Lion in a Cage, Pink/Money dice cage
  14. My new HG charm list (some are not that rare)
    Ice Skate
    Gumball Machine
    Snowflake from 2007 :heart: :heart:

  15. Those are all great HG charms. Would love a couple of those myself. Maybe we need to write up a new/re-issue thread and mail to Juicy? Or send with Juicy Lover again, ;)