~~heychar's small piece of Graffiti~~

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  1. I love it and it looks amazing on you, congrats!
  2. ohhh love the pareo.. and it looks good on you!!! congrats
  3. It looks fabulous on you..Congrats & I hope you feel better soon!
  4. congrats looks great!
  5. congrats!!! its an awesome piece and i couldn't wait to use mine.
  6. I'm 5.3 I think the length's spot on!
  7. Wow it looks great on you!
    Congrats I think you made the right choice
  8. Wow - that looks great! I love the way you styled it. Graffiti looks great with all black IMO. Congrats!
  9. waoooooooooooooooo you are fantastic as ever
  10. you look absolutely fabulous!! congrats!

  11. Thanks for the style compliment but I honestly didn't mean to put the outfit together, I was having a fat day and decided to wear black just happened to work well :shrugs:, guess it worked for the best I quite like my headless shot now lol:roflmfao:

    And thanks to you all your all so sweet, no where else could one get so many sweet comments about LV purchases and understand the love of LV as much as TPF family:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

  12. ~GORGEOUS modeling shot, even though you didn't feel well at that time. Do feel better soon heychar. Congrats btw.~
  13. I love it!
  14. I love this shot. I was seriously thinking about this scarf myself but already got the grafitti scarf set ( I bought it to match my pink speedy)

  15. Great choice!! Love the Pareo. It fits your perfectly.