~~heychar's small piece of Graffiti~~

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  1. love it congrats...get well soon :smile:
  2. Congrats, enjoy!
  3. great modeling pics... feel better soon :flowers:
  4. gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
  5. I love it!!!!! Great choice.
  6. Thankyou you all for the congrats and the get well boosts, love ya'll :love:

    princesselektra- Yes i've tried it on just about every which way I can think off lol i'll try add some more pics tomorrow, my 7 year old took the model pic he got bored waiting around for me to finish messing with it and didn't want to take any more, he had a snowy day off school I think I was interrupting his snow ball fight schedule lol

    starr_shenell Not sure on the length, but yes it is the sarong, I think it's a great price for all its possible uses!
  7. Congrats it really looks great on you, I hope you start feeling better!
  8. Congrats....I think you do more wonders for it than the item itself... you make it look fab!
  9. wowww! congrats~ You have officially made me seriously consider purchasing one as well! :tup: hahaha
  10. I love it! Congrats!
  11. Super pretty!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. AAaaaah damn, I want one. That would look great with a plain white tee and skinny jeans for work.

    We'll see if it's still available at the Saint Louis store. How tall are you if I may ask? Petite girls... do you feel like it's too long or too much fabric?
  14. I'm not a huge fan of green but you really make me want to reconsider after your modeling shot. Congrats, you look great!!

  15. gorgeous, congrats!