heychar's collection and reveals thread

  1. Not yet, waiting for the sales ;)
  2. Your collection is beyond gorgeous. Every single pair is amazing.
  3. Fabulous honey, just fabulous:cloud9::heart:
  4. Freaking fabulous!
  5. Good idea!

    Thank you ladies :hugs:
  6. Such an awesome collection!!!! Swoon!

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  7. Thank you :hugs:
  8. Holy spikes! Great collection!
  9. You have a fantastic collection heychar [​IMG] !! I love the Leopard Maggie [​IMG]
  10. Thank you ladies :hugs:
  11. Hi!!! Do you sell these shoes or is this ur personal home collection? Where can I contact you at if you do indeed sell these? Thanks
  12. great collection! i need to get on with getting more interesting shoes instead of the classics/plain ones!
  13. Amazing collection...in love with your Altadama spikes :nuts:
  14. Hi these are my own shoes I don't sell shoes sorry! :hugs:

    Thank you :hugs: Funny you say that as I was thinking I need more classic ones! at least some plain black piggies I think

    The ones in my Avi? those are LPs & Awww thank you my lovely :hugs:
  15. You have a wonderful collection! Love all of them!