Hey you Miroir Lockit owners!~~ I need ur help..

  1. Thank you for ALL the lovely pics of this elusive piece! They are beautiful!!

    I need some pics of the Lockit along side other bags--- Speedy 30 in particular......

    Why? Because I just ordered one and I'm in need of more pics to drool over........... ;)

    So- anybody out there wanna post more pics for moi? TIA sooooo much!!
  2. Here we go compared to a miroir speedy 30 and a mono 25
    Compare to speedy.jpg Miroirs.jpg Side by Side.jpg with mono speedy.jpg
  3. Thank you Label!!! Thank you so much~~~ I'm going back to bed now to have Miroir dreams.... lol!

    and BTW- Love the patina on the Speedy!!
  4. no problem sweet dreams!