Hey, which color do you like?

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  1. I actually prefer the beige one.
  2. I like the beige one better too
  3. Definitely beige :smile:
  4. I think that the beige bag is less showy since the studs don't "pop" as much against the leather. For that reason, it seems like it will age better and be more wearable year around as well...so while I normally am all about black bags, this time I have to say go for the beige. :smile:
  5. I usually prefer dark color bags. But for this one, I like beige better.
  6. I like how the beige is unique yet would go with anything :smile:
  7. Thank you for youre opinions.
    I like the beige too. But the only thing I concerned is that beige is easy to get stain.
    Wihout that consideration, I will totally keep the beige one.
  8. Beige definetly, I think it just has a softer look. Please post pics!
  9. I'm glad that your keeping the beige one, that would be my choice
  10. I would also choose the beige..
  11. Beige
  12. Beige.
  13. good choice with sticking with the beige one!
  14. Beige looks better, especially for spring - summer season.