Hey whats the deal with the bijoux chain? Are there bags still available with it?

  1. I want a classic jumbo (who doesn't?) but I want that special chain on it. Is that still available you think or do I have to call CHANEL and ask about it?

    As for ordering, how do I explain to them? say "Jumbo flap with Bijoux chain"? Will they understand?

    thanks for your input and taking the time to read this thread:tup:
  2. i have only seen them recently with the new chain in the meduim size nut then I am in the UK so I may not be that much help
  3. I think this is what you're looking for. I just saw it at Nordstrom. I was debating whether or not to get it. It's a gorgeous bag. Call my SA her name is Jackie(Chanel handbags) (818)884-7900
  4. Didn't Celia just get her red one and it has that chain?!
  5. ^ She got it from eBay. The red with bijoux chain is looooooooong gone from stores.
  6. yes i'm here...i got the 07 red caviar jumbo flap w bijoux chain....love it..hehe:graucho:
  7. indeed, it's already no longer available in any stores since it's a last yr season esp in red....i got mine from eBay:heart:
  8. Could i ask if anyone know the model number for the black classic jumbo with bijoux chain???
  9. Hi,

    I'm new to this forum, but getting very quickly obsessed.

    I just ordered this bag yesterday after searching for this chain forever (i don't like to buy from second hand or e-bay) and finally found it. The only store in the US that has it in stock is in Hawaii. I ordered the jumbo flap with bijou in lambskin. The SA's name is Anna (808)942-5555, she's really nice.
  10. I just purchased this past Tuesday night a Navy Distressed Lambskin Jumbo Flap w/modern chain from Bloomingdales in SouthCoast Plaza. Is the modern chain the Bijoux. They only had this one and a beautiful beige both w/silver hardware.
    100_1909.jpg 100_1910.jpg 100_1908.jpg
  11. ^^ got dayum, that is beautiful!!
  12. bloomingdales chestnut hill has it available in navy, and in CREME! to die for
  13. What's the price in the Medium [10x6 size]? Does anyone know where to find the medium in cream? I'd loooooove it in that size!
  14. I have the off white and love it.