Hey, what R U wearing with that MJ?

  1. pg (sorry I always want to type tips, it's a brand of tea in the UK), thanks for the link, shoes are really cute, but still too high, I'm not good in heals lol.

    Joke - you look great in both pics, the mayfair looks really great with the jacket.

    Diana - the sophia looks perfect with your outfit.

    spitfire - nice trench & love the stella,
  2. Everyones outfits and bags look so great!
  3. Great outfit! :tup: Especially love that yellow sweater.
  4. haha kinda off topic but joke where did you get that leather jacket?? it's hotttttttt.
  5. Wowza! Everyone looks amazing!
  6. spitfire - love the outfit! (and the stella, of course)!
  7. [​IMG]

    Sorry the picture is not that great. I"m in the midst of moving; things are crazy. This is a French Connection dress very cute and comfortable along with Casadei thong sandals.
  8. This is such a great thread idea! Each and every one of you looks adorable! Love the outfits, and everyone's style and use of color!
  9. Southern Belle: you look so casual chic!!!
  10. i only own 1 MBMJ bag but here goes. :-P



  11. PGhandbag - I :heart: how spunky you look in your outfits!!!! ^^ That is my favorite look!!!
  12. Thank you. I have a bunch of these dresses for the summer. It will be so darn hot and I just really want to look relaxed and pretty and of course be comfortable.
  13. Very cute...

    I love the metallic jacket and heels in the second picture. They really make the bag pop.
  14. I love those outfits! I wish my high school teachers dressed like that and carried MJ bags! The best I ever see is Coach... :tdown:
    Oh well maybe I will have more fashionable profs in college.
  15. gorgeous bags and outfits everyone!

    pgdhandbag - i agree with meetmeatthemall. ive never had a teacher so stylish! i would be motivated to go to class just to see what bag you were carrying!

    southern belle - i love the bag! the color is gorgeous

    everyone looks awesome!