Hey, what R U wearing with that MJ?

  1. Thanks pg, :cry: we don't have Steve Madden in the UK, cute shoes.
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfits pghandbag!! They're all so fun!!
  3. Thanks thithi!!

    Beany, I don't know if you are comfortable shopping online but Zappos has them:
    in red and black...
    and eBay sometimes has pairs that pop up for cheap. search "steven playful" to find them. Good luck!
  4. I've posted these pics before:
    the Grey Mayfair with a leather jacket and jeans

    The Petal Pink Anouk with summer dresses:

  5. ^Joke, thanks for posting these again. Seeing them again reminds me of new possibilities. The Mayfair looks so chic there with your leather jacket, and that sundress looks like it was made for the Anouk. 2 cute:flowers:.
  6. Joke, you are totally rocking that Mayfair! Pure awesomeness!!!
  7. Joke, I love your pictures. That Mayfair rocks my socks off with the leather coat, dark blue jeans and plum tee. I'd wear every part of that outfit! Also, the pink anouk looks perfect with your dress.
  8. pghandbag- i am REALLY glad you came back and started posting again. I LOVE your outfits!

    joke- great ensembles! that anouk doesn't look too tiny... how tall are you? now it's got me thinking.....
  9. Thanks for posting all those shots pghandbags! love your bags!
    Joke, That picture is the picture that sold me on the grey mayfair.
    You put it together so well. Love it with that leather jacket!
  10. Joke - thanks for posting the Mayfair pic. I :heart: it with the leather jacket & jeans! I just got one in teal that I haven't worn yet. Looks like I will be tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! ;)
  11. Joke, your Mayfair is gorgeous and I LOVE how you styled your outfit to go with it! Also, cute summery frock with the anouk!

    Thanks lovekooba and coach superfan!!

    Let's see some more outfits, everyone!
  12. I love these pictures. It looks like a doorway rather than a mirror. Very cool and of course you look fabulous.

    Today I wore the black Stella & Taupe LE ZC with sfam brooklyn a's a short sleeved black peasant blouse, black platform boots & prada shades and my ever present beloved Japanese sleeves.
  13. PGH, I LOVE everything about your outfit posted with the Pomegranate Venetia! I am a sucker for classic clothes with a pop of red!

  14. Joke, your picture has made me want a grey Mayfair even more! :drool: It looks so chic on you
  15. ^ITA! You wear that Mayfair so well, Joke :love:

    pghandbag, love all your outfits too, especially that one with the Faridah! :heart:

    spacey, great thread! You look amazing with that Stam!