Hey, what R U wearing with that MJ?

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone else will like this idea, but some of the other forums have threads like this so here goes:

    What are you wearing with your MJ?
    I'm really interested to see the range of styles and personalities that compliment and play off of MJ bags. Maybe you want to share the special day you premier a new bag. . .couph, couph, Kim, couph. . .or just an everyday outfit that you think becomes more special when combined with MJ love.:flowers:

    I'll go first:

    Beautiful day in New haven today, I wore vintage dress with a cotton cardie and my newly repaired Topaz Stam(so glad she is home!). I didn't think to ask Hubbs to take a pic when we were in town so I took one when I got back. Had to use the computer again though because Hubbs had to stay at work:sad:.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. So cute!!! I love how classy you look. I'm excited for this thread, what a great idea!! Can't wait to see all the lovely outfits you girls will come up with.

  3. OMG I'm in East Haven!! We are right next to each other!
  4. You look very pretty in the blues.
  5. Love this thread idea!! PRetty outfit, spaceyjacy!

    I have a few:
    Me with a marc by marc bag, dress, and shoes. Worn to lecture my undergrads.

    Me with my turnlock teri on halloween day (wore to pass out candy and get drinks later).

    Me with my pomegranate venetia (wore to teach my class).

    Me with the luxy leather faridah (which I sold recently) last fall for office hours.
  6. Thanks ladies, I can't wait to see other's pics!

    LOL, have you posted your collection recently? I would love to see it so I can look out for you? Do you go to Yale? I've been seeing a lot of MbMJ bags downtown recently but only once have I seen a collection bag. Maybe if we try we can spot each other by looking for our respective bags:flowers:.
  7. Yay Pghandbag, I spoke too soon, thanks for posting:heart:. I love that first MbMJ dress but I haven't seen it on too many people, you certainly are rocking it! The colors look wonderful with your hair:flowers:.
  8. Thank you! I have it in both blue iris print and the cranberry (found on major sale).
  9. PGhandbag,

    love this look!

  10. Nope, I go to Uconn Law. I drive up there to Hartford (law campus) a couple days a week.

    I haven't posted my collection yet, my camera is down in the dumps right now lol.

    The only time I really go in to new haven is to go to Rudy's, but I would never bring a MJ there. I brought my LV speedy once and someone's cigarette hit it...I freaked out and the kid was like "so what." So I stabbed him with my cigarette. I'm a mean biotch when it comes to my bags.
  11. ^ha ha, yeah, I don't bring anything when I go to Rudy's, I just let Hubbs pay. LOL, I'm just imagining an MJ in Rudy's. . .he he. . .
  12. I LOVE your outfits! Super cute!
    I would be so excited if I saw my prof wearing MJ! :nuts:
    That Pomegranate Venitia is so classy! And the Teri is just so cute!
  13. pghandbag - love your outfits! Bold use of color, I :heart: it!

    spaceyjacy - you are so classic & put together, you are an inspiration!

    Looking forward to this thread. It snowed here today :yucky:, so I wore a big Vince wool cardi, jeans & an Heidi Bowler in Acid Yellow, no pics. Just a laid back day at the movies (Nim's Island & Vantage Point).

    Can't wait to see the cool outfits (along with the MJ's, of course!)
  14. spaceyjacy - great thread, what a cute outfit.

    pghandbag - great dresses, love the halloween on and your shoes - fab, what are they?
  15. Thanks, ladies! Beany, the shoes are Steven (by steve madden) double strap mary janes. I couldn't find the Miu Miu ones in my price range and even if I could the heel was too high.