Hey, What are you wearing with that MK?

  1. So I 'borrowed' this from the MJ forum, I love to see what outfits tpf'ers wear with their bags. So lets see them, and tell us what your wearing with your MK!
  2. Cant wait to see pics!!! I HAVE TO sit and try to learn how to upload my own pics to here.....someone told me how to, and I have to do it!!!!
  3. LOL I just bought a python long sleeved shirt for the fall that matches my python MK EXACTLY along with a beautiful pair of python leather heels!!! Cant wait til Fall now!!!!!
  4. Tiana B brown runched dress
    Donald Pliner snakeskin slingbacks
    MK Roslyn Tote in Parchment
    dress.JPG dress 1.JPG
  5. Love that look, Nascar!

  6. I love this bag!
  7. Me too!!!! You look GREAT!!!
  8. Thx! This purse is so pretty. I catch myself just staring at it. That's what it's all about. They should make you happy each time you look at them. :biggrin:
  9. :nuts::drool::drool:
    UGH!!! I love that bag so much!! It looks great on you too - no matter which color you decide to carry!
  10. Beautiful, Nascar!~
  11. :bump:
    anyone have new pics to share? :shrugs:
  12. pics!!! Or thoughts!!!! Today I wore a chocolate brown pants suit with python heels and my MK python purse!!!! HOT!!!!!!!!!