Hey wait..is the new Vernis Cles LE?

  1. I just read in another post...that the new Cles, the slightly larger one with the little tag on the front is limited edition?? I didnt know that, hmmmmm, now I should get a red one.

    Is this true is it LE, and if so how much are they?
  2. I got the pomme, it is really gorgeous and functional - much more functional than my regular pomme cles. I believe these v-day cles are seasonal/limited. The price is $275.
  3. Yes, I think they are limited. Don't know how much cost
  4. I agree they are way nicer than the older ones...I had my hands on the red but said no cause of the hearts coming out. I am trying to be good in case I get a heart and makeup case.

    Ahhhh now what do I do LOL!
  5. my SA told me that the pomme cles is larger than normal and it is LE.
  6. I've heard they are limited. I would get one in pomme!
  7. I just called my SA and she said its "seasonal" which means they are out in limited numbers to see how well they do. If it does well then it may be part of the regular line. Ahh these terms are so confusing. She said its not a LE piece like the hearts.

    Anyways...I did tell her to hold one and I am going to hopefully get there tomm.

    Happy pre Valentines day to me :p:heart:
  8. I wonder: Maybe the ones that have the monogram all the way up were the first batch (as New York is now saying they should not have mono all the way up and the mono all the way up have older date tags) and thus the "seasonal" batch...i.e. they did well and made more? :confused1: Just a thought! Let me know what everyone else thinks!
  9. Not sure, but some stores in the NY area have tons of them and other stores are sold out with no more coming in. Very confusing LE or not.
  10. LE or not, they seem to be readily available -- I was able to snag a Pomme one without waitlisting or reserving, and when I did, there were all the colors available. Do you only collect LE items? :smile:
  11. They are readily available I was able to see all three colors without being waitlisted!
    I choose the amarante! The pomme was beautiful but I already have it in the "old" cles.
  12. It doesn't have framboise ya? I would love one in framboise. !!
  13. I was told they are LE and I bought a pomme one, but then my SA found me a pomme heart and I exchanged it for that.

    The pomme cles was quite a bit bigger than the regular cles and very beautiful. I liked the fact the key ring chain was thicker and more durable than the regular cles.
  14. I think it's a candidate for the category where LV says it's LE but will put it into permament production if it does well. That what the SA told me. Then another SA said Violette was the only LE. So confusing.
  15. no, there is another thread where we listed the date codes, locations and mono or missing mono there was no pattern to be found.

    framboise is discontinued there will be no more items released in this colour

    Technically all vernis colours are LE they will all be discontinued at some point it's just a matter of when, the pochette cles is a seasonal release who know's maybe it will go into full production or maybe they will do another run next year like the heart