Hey Vlad & Meg..just curosity....

  1. I was just reading all the post around here bout copycat sites and it cleary that they dont have thier own orginality.

    I dont know if this has been explained yet but I was just wondering...

    So how did this love child (Pf) of yours begin...????how does it feel that is almost spawned 10,000 grandchildren. and mostly all the girls who rant, scream, shout and pout bout bags..?? ( just being the only one in my house that does this...it already drives my Bf nuts as it is...) How do you two do it???
    Did you ever expect it to grow to this point??
    Did you think there was that many crazy bag obssessed people out there??
    DID you ever think you would come across such wierd people?? (refering to the people who lie about attaining a new benz and etc)

    Ok enough questions for NOW.......:flowers:
  2. Sorry I didn't see this sooner! The story of Vlad and I was told recently... and with that I told about how tPF began. It was just on a whim. One day Vlad told me that I spend so much time talking about bags and looking at them, why not write about them for others to see. So tPF began. It was a rough start and I wasn't sure that it would be worth it- but our membership began to grow- and more and more viewers began to read the blog. And then there was talks of the forum... and wa-la- we got our forum!!!

    I always wanted the site to be big, but I never dreamed it would grow this big this fast!!!! It is growing at ridiculous rates!!!!! We are looking for more expansion soon also :yahoo: :amuse:

    Sometimes the drama filled people just make us laugh... what else can you do but laugh? Some people make me angry, but I just brush it off. This site takes so much work, time, and money that I treat it like my child :shame:

    I wouldn't have it any other way!!!! Thanks to all of you for joining and making this place what it is!!
  3. Big thanks to you and Vlad for creating a place where we, purse addicts, can meet and chat :flowers:
  4. Second that - thanks Megs & Vlad, you rock!:yes:
  5. Hey Megs...will you have time for your own children? Hee hee
  6. ^ When that day comes, yes I sure will!!!!!! I just love kids. Baby blog will be on the way :smile:
  7. Hi Guys!

    Please let me know if I'm getting too nosey here...but I've always been curious about this and figured that you two would know. Is running an on-line forum w/ advertising lucrative enough to be a "main" job? Or is it something more to do in your spare time b/c you love it? Like I said, I'm not trying to be all nosey about your financial lives, but I am wondering whether most people who run websites do it part-time or full:smile:

  8. I never knew the history of tPF until today !! Im so happy that this worked out soo well for the both of you. :biggrin:
  9. Mandy,
    I was wondering the same thing...well along those lines,
    Meg, Vlad,
    Answer if you want...if not too personal...

    Do you make money doing this? If so, how? I am not interested in the amounts or anything, just was curious if this paid either of you in some way?

    Again, if this question is over the line, just ignore, or delete...

    Thanks...and thank you both again for providing all of us a place for our obsessions!!!
  10. ^^^yeah, ditto, I'm not seeking details! Just generalizations about how the web works. I actually think my Mom would love doing something like this part-time, but for antiques or collectibles or something (she doesn't have megs' extensive knowledge of purses and fashion!)
  11. me either....it just makes you appreciate it a little more!! I just want to say you guys have done a great job with this forum! It's so helpful and informative. Keep up the super work! :flowers:
  12. just a huge thanks to both of you!:flowers::flowers:
  13. Megs & Vlad-

    I've said it before and I'll say it again thank you so much for giving us tPF:love:

    If you aren't making any $$$ from this you should be and I for one wouldn't mind paying a "membership fee". I have learned so much from everyone and have received some really encouraging PM's and emails from some concerning my illness, and saved $$$ on my Speedy 35, and have laughed so hard I couldnt see and found a skincare line that is working MIRACLES...I could go on and on about what I have gotten out of being a member but the bottom line is none of this would have happened without you and once again THANK YOU for uniting us purse-lovers throughout the world:flowers:
  14. I'd like to add my thanks to both of you.

    Apart from sharing my love of bags and shoes, all the information and advice I get here, the forum has really been a great help to me, especially when one of my pups got sick.

    I appreciate all the hard work and commitment this site must be, so sincerely thanks.:flowers:

  15. totally agree! :yes: