hey, togo Birkin owners!

  1. I don't own anything togo, so those of you who own togo Birkins, do you find they slouch a lot over time? Esp the 35s...? Or does the chevre lining make them stand up well?

    Anyone have a 35 togo Birkin for a long time, like 10 years? How slouchy is it?

    They are pretty scratch resistant, right? And rain rolls off without a problem?

    Also, they smell especially nice? Or different?

    Thanks....trying to decide just what to do...
  2. I have a 7 year old 45cm togo, it got softer, but really doesn't slouch as much as one would expect. Then again, I stuff it between trips to help it keep its shape. Rain is not an issue and it is scratch resistant. When I first brought it in with mild scratches, it came back like new. As it gets older and the abrasions get deeper, I expect that refurbishment will only do so much.
  3. My Togo birkin is smaller on the other side of the scale i.e. a 30cm. The chevre lining keep the bag upright, and it does not slouch but it has bad batwings.
  4. Thanks hermesgroupie, mrsS.

    MrsS and all, do togo Birkins have more flamboyant batwings than another leather, do you think?
  5. The 2 other leathers that will outshine togo in its size of batwings are clemence and swift :greengrin:
  6. I just got mine 2 days ago... will get back to you!
  7. I have a 35 cm togo kelly...retourne...purchased in December...she is just starting to "slouch" when sitting...
  8. ^^Hlfinn did not say that, did she Rose?:nuts:
  9. :yes: [​IMG]
  10. I think some pieces of Togo leather slouch more than others. I have seen a 35 Togo that collapsed totally, like a wet paper bag. Depends some on how you treat it and how often you use it. If you are worried about some slouch, and it will be your only Birkin, I would consider other leathers.
  11. :roflmfao: She is just the cutest thing ever! I can't wait to meet her irl.
    Sorry to hijack thread but that just caught my eye!
  12. ^^^ She sure is....such good fun!
  13. My oldest Togo is 5 years old; I generally keep some tissue in there, and it's holding up pretty well. Some slouch--not totally collapsed by any means. It does have batwings happening. Togo is one of my favorite all-around leathers for daily wear; scratch-resistant, fine in light rain, and generally very hearty and worry-free.
  14. The only comparison I can say is that I had a togo birkin 30 and now have a clemence 30 and the clemence slouches quite a bit more than the togo...
  15. Hermesgroupie How do you like 45cm birkin for travel?? I'm considering getting one for overnight travel. Please share with me your thoughts? :yes: (sorry for hijacking the thread :rolleyes:)