Hey Tiffany Lovers, I got some questions!

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  1. Heyo everybody!

    I am fairly new to The Purse Forum, and I don't quite know if there is a special forum for questions, so sorry if this is in the totally wrong place!! :shrugs:
    Anyways, I was curious if anyone could direct me to a site that has the real deal merch. but wasn't ultra uber expensive..
    I foun d a site just the other day, but I am not quite sure if they are selling auethentic Tiffany.

    This is the necklace I desire, on the website that I found it on:

    It would be greatly appreicated it someone could assist me in my Tiffany quest!
    Thank you for your time!
    :heart: Hacksey:heart:
  2. tiffany.com ?
  3. I tried there, and I am not quite willing to spend almost 400 bucks right now... :crybaby:
  4. You want authentic tiffany jewelry but you don't want to pay the price that they ask? Tiffany's is only sold on Tiffany.com, anywhere else is not authentic. So you need to ask yourself, do you want to spend more money or do you want a knockoff?
  5. My daughter bought some 'Tiffany' jewelry from a site like this (don't know the exact site), and what arrived had all the basic makeup of the Return to Tiffany line, but was ultra lightweight and just had a cheap look and feel to it. If I were you, and really wanted this jewelry, I'd save up for the real thing. My daughter didn't realize what she'd ordered would be fakes, was very disappointed in the quality, and it was basically money down the drain.
  6. I'm almost certain the only place is Tiffany.com or a Tiffany store =)
  7. If you want Tiffany, buy it on tiffany.com or in the store!
  8. Most "stores" online are replica & knockoff sites. Quality is often sketchy... it is possible to find used/pre-loved pieces for less-than-retail prices because it isn't NEW jewellery.... but I wouldn't trust any non-tiffany.com sites claiming they have new pieces for less than what you'd pay at the tiffany.com site or in their boutiques.
  9. You could try *bay but why take the risk when everything is on the website and you will get it in their exquisite packaging and secure in the knowledge that everything is genuine? Believe me, it's worth saving up for their jewellery. X
  10. All those other websites are knock offs. If you want the real necklace-> Tiffany.com
  11. Yes~It is best to purchase directly from Tiffany or a reputable reseller. You just never know anymore, it is unfortunate.