Hey sunny CA girls, help me with this pls!

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  1. I am planning a trip to CA. Well, my friend wants me to check on one model (I don't knwo which one yet). I probably go to the Bloomingdale in SCP. Well, my questions is what is the percentage of CA tax? Thanks! :smile:

    PS: if this is the wrong place, pls move it!
  2. Los Angeles is 8.25%. Orange County (where scp is) is 7.75%
  3. Tax in Orange County is 7.75%. When you're at South Coast, you can always check out the LV at Saks and the main boutique as well.
  4. Thanks girls! I will check it out. :smile:)
  5. I see you already got answers, just wishing you good luck!
  6. Also at SCP, you can go to Bloomingdale's LV. Three LV stores in one mall!

    If you go to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, there's an LV store inside Neiman Marcus. (Newport Beach is also in Orange County and maybe about 15 minutes south of SCP (Costa Mesa).

    If you're going north to L.A. county, there are LVs at:

    Tax rate: 8.25%
    Century City
    Beverly Center
    Hollywood & Highland
    Rodeo Drive and there are LV stores inside Saks and Neiman's (I think?) Near Rodeo...
  7. WHAT?! hahha I just got stuff in LA too =[. I shouldve saved and went to SCP!

    I couldve got.. jamba juice with the extra dollars?
  8. ^^ yep, could've got a Jamba Jucie haha
  9. In San Francisco, sales tax is 8.50%
  10. ~Have fun *shoeinbag*, my favorite store is Bloomie in SCP.~
  11. Have fun in CA.. Try to buy the bag in SCP because the tax is higher in Los Angeles.
  12. Have fun shopping!!! Enjoy the great CA sunshine and beaches too! Newport & Laguna Beach are just a few miles away from South Coast Plaza :wlae:
  13. Go see Money at Bloomie's LV - she's the best! If you go to the LV store in SCP, ask for Val! Have fun!