Hey Speedy owners....

  1. Just go the Damier 30. Love the Damier, but not a huge fan of the top handle. Called in for the 25.

    Here is the problem.... I am a shoulder bag girl. Do you think I can convert to a handheld? I am afraid that I will get so sick of carrying it around that I will not use it (yes, I'm that lazy :nuts: :nuts: ).

    I am torn. Does anyone else feel this way?
  2. I believe you can buy straps to use it as a shoulder bag, might look weird but I think someone has tried it before. I gotten use to the handles and it actually isn't that bad unless you overload the bag. Heh...
  3. I was always a shoulder bag girl!!! For well, always. Then I got the Manhattan PM. and it was a breeze. I thought I would have problems too, but no way, you just get used to it and do things a little differently but without even thinking about it. I even got another hand-held bag after that!!
  4. So there is hope :smile:

    Can you fit a speedy 25 in a Mezzo? (Thinking for travel). SO the Damier Mezzo... can't wait till Xmas!
  5. The Speedy does get a little tedious for me when I am trying to do something with both hands...for example shopping.
  6. LUCKY!!!:love:
  7. I don't carry my speedy if I know I'm going to be out all day. I'm a shoulder bag girl too. The Speedy is fun, but if I want to have my hands free, I carry another bag.
  8. Yes, I wanna get a damier speedy too. Yes, most if not all my handbags are shoulder bags. I wondering the same thing and I have kids and need to be handsfree and wondering whether I'll just hang it on the baby stroller like all the baby bags and shopping bags. I bought a lovely pink rose tote from laura ashley recently and it ended there, on the stroller!
  9. I prefer shoulder bags personally. You're pregnant, right? That's why you're getting the Mezzo, kind of as a diaper bag? My kids are older now, but when they were little, I absolutely had to have both hands free. Just something to think about...
  10. What strap would go with a Damier handheld? I'm one of those crazy people who use a strap with a Speedy, so if there's one that could go with a Damier Speedy, I would definitely be interested.
  11. Not pregnant yet, but workin' on it :shame: I might get 10 months use out of it before I have my hands full, literally :biggrin:

    Want a Damier, but their shoulder bags are more than I want to spend (esp. after buying the SO Mezz).

    Whats a girl to do???
  12. I have a mono 25 speedy and it does get in the way if you want both hands free. It's inconvenient when you are shopping and when you have small children. It's a really fun and nice bag to have but not as convenient to use as a shoulder bag. I wouldn't recommend this bag if you are a mom of young children.
  13. ME!
    I love the handheld bags but i'm a shoulder bag person myself. For the last week or so i've been carrying my baggy pm and LOVE IT! I have the neo speedy as well and i think i like this more.

    Even my b/f says the baggy is better suited for me. for my the issue is getting the handles dirty, this is why i like the shoulder bags. Plus while shopping its much easier to work with.

    So i try and plan my bag according to me shopping day. :rolleyes:

  14. did you look at the seleya? Maybe you have it already but it seems very practical. It's not extremele exspensive and it think you can better spend a little more on a bag you will love and use then buying a bag because its cheaper
  15. My SA tried to talk me into one yesterday ($180) for my Damier Speedy...it looked cute, but I chose to wait it out.