hey! someone help me please!

  1. helloooooo!!! I'm a girl of 18 and.. have a serious problem with a chanel bag. I'd like to know if anyone of you has any idea if exist any kind of chanel denim bag. I saw everywhere so many different version of chanel denim that I really can't understand which the correct, the original one.
    So, help me! I've posted some pics, please tell me which is correct or not... and if you have it, post your CORRECT pics...
    Thanks a lot ladies! love all :yahoo:
  2. uh....six star replica? That's a great place to look for Chanel reference... :hrmm:
  3. do you think so? 'cause i found another pic of the same, bag chanel denim. look at it.
    They're quite the same, but there's somethig different. Anyone knows which is the correct one? thanks a lot
    ps: i'm italian, sorry for my bad english ladies! love you all:girlsigh:
  4. how about posting it under the authenticate me thread?
  5. i didn't understand what you mean Iqaganda... ?
  6. sorry I don't know what do you want me to do! can't you see the pics? Can't you understand my question about them?
  7. help us help you:yes:
    Be clear about what you want. . .
    are you askling if those bags in your photo are real Chanels?
    Or are you asking if Chanel really makes any like them?
  8. i think what she was asking if that chanel style existed...(the one in the pic)
  9. yes a similar style was made but something loooks off about the photos you posted.
  10. i think she's telling us if there is a style like that.. And if it does, please authenticate it for me! LOL.
  11. hey, good morning! (it's morning here in italy)... Yes, I'd like to know if chanel really makes like them (the photos in the pics)
    Thanks ladies, have a nice day :girlsigh:
  12. ok, yes, Chanel makes a similar bag, it's the Luxury Flap in denim - you can try a search.
    But I'm sure you know those are NOT authentic.{?}