Hey Skull Charm Girlys!!

  1. I just got mine today!!:yahoo:What bag will it look best on?? Pics would be GREAT!:nuts:
  2. Congrats!! Where did you get yours???
  3. It really stands out on a black bag.
  4. Thanks for the picture. Your right it looks really great!
  5. Purse-O-nality, I got one from a friend and ordered one from Coach a couple of days ago.
  6. I wear mine on my white Ali. I have not found the right black bag yet, maybe later this year I will find the right bag.
  7. I have mine on my black carly too!
  8. are my eyes playing tricks on me or do you have two black carlys??

  9. wow good call, i swear at first glance I didnt even notice 2 bags:wtf:
  10. I am just using mine on my keychain.
  11. I remember her post from before (because it helped enable me to get my Carly!) - one is hers, one is her daughter's :p
  12. I want one of those charms soooo bad. I am so jealous. Congrats on getting it.
  13. Me, too...:sad:
  14. I think it looks good on LOTS of bags! I have used mine on the Ergo tote, a Balenciaga City (blue India), and I think I could use it on pretty much anything.
  15. Nice! I would go with a black bag too.