Hey Shewolfey.....I see you've been busy again..

  1. Nice Marcelle....you haven't given up on the MA sienna, have you?
  2. I saw the heading for this link and I covered my mouth with my hands in shame..... Is that real? I had this on my watch list but we were leaving for shopping, so I threw a number up there thinking that there is noooooo way I was going to win--and I did!!!! I am in shock. Everyone here raves about these Marcelles so I wanted one! It looks good, but is there anyway it could be fake???
  3. Nah - that was a good one. Toffee. What did you win it for?

  4. I'm new to this like you, but It looked good to me. I hope you got a nice bag. I'm kinda like you. I purchased a Lucy for a good price from eBay. Pretty sure it's legit but haven't got it yet. I asked all the appropriate questions and made an offer....we'll see.
    Feed the addiction...LOL :nuts:
  5. $237.50. I am really surprised that no one else was bidding on that. Maybe because it wasn't listed as a Marcelle?:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    I am in purse heaven.
  6. I am soooo addicted! I love them. I already said this on another thread but I am looking around my house for old stuff to sell on eBay so that I can buy more without the hubby knowing...

  7. Yep.....me too. I'm clearing out most of my other bags for eBay and going to stay pretty much just with Koobas~~:yahoo:
  8. I have a vintage Coach bag that I have had for over 10 years and I'm even going to get that puppy up there!
  9. I saw that Marcelle and was watching it until the end. It looks good. Congratulations!
  10. Why didn't you bid??
  11. I am officially done... for a while....
  12. I seriously thought about bidding, but figured that since there are other bags higher up on my 'want' list, then it was time to resist. BUT believe me, it was hard to stop my fingers from being naughty! Congrats Shewolfy, it really looks like a great bag at a fab price.
  13. Thank you!!
  14. I bought the Ginger !!
  15. Congratulations! Glad we could enable...er...sorry....help you out with your decision! :graucho:;)