Hey Seattle-ites: are you ready for the wind storm?

  1. If y'all don't see me here tomorrow this is why!

    Potentially damaging wind storm coming tomorrow

    04:22 PM PDT on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    KING5.com Staff

    Raw: Governor Chris Gregoire is urging citizens to be prepared for power outages.

    SEATTLE – A potentially destructive wind storm continues to move towards the Pacific Northwest and is expected to hit Thursday.

    The latest models show the storm is tracking towards the southern part of Vancouver Island and the northern Washington coast.

    Even though it likely won't be as strong as the December 14, 2006 wind storm that knocked out power to over 1 million customers, it could be very damaging because of all the leaves and limbs still on the trees this time of year.
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    Prepare for storm related power outages

    KING 5 Meteorologist Jeff Renner says the Washington coast and the Strait of Juan de Fuca will get winds anywhere from 25-50 miles-per-hour in the early morning. Winds in the Strait will diminish by early afternoon. By that time, the winds will move into the Puget Sound and Hood Canal areas, with speeds anywhere from 20-40 miles-per-hour and gusts up to 50 until early evening. At elevations of 800-1,000 feet or higher, there could be sustained winds of 25-50 miles-per-hour, depending on location. That includes areas such as Tiger, Cougar and Squawk Mountains.

  2. The power company finally got around to replacing the pole next to our house that got damaged last winter - and the old one is still propped up using only ropes!!! I hope to H it doesn't fall on my house!
  3. ^^

    OMG... maybe you should go out there and pull it down!? :p

    The reason this storm is such a concern is because it is EARLY and the leaves are still on the trees. That means they will be weighted down that much more when they are wet and then when the wind blows... it's bad.

    Let's hope this isn't as bad as they are saying...
  4. OH NOOOO! I still have nightmares about last year's storm and being without power for 5 days! :sad:
  5. So far, so good! How is everybody else?
  6. We're ok on Tiger Mountain. I think the south end got slammed this time.
  7. Electricity was gone at about 3pm at my office, but I had power on at home, which meant a nice afternoon of nothing but shopping online while the wind howled outside! My boyfriend JUST got his power back on, though (he's in south Seattle and I'm in north Seattle).

    That wasn't as bad as they were making it out to be, but I am scared that we're already losing power and having such storms so early on in the winter season. Scared of what's in store...
  8. Lights flickered at work all afternoon but we didn't lose power. My house is okay too. Whew!
  9. Yeah, the power went on and off here a few times but thankfully this was no where near last December's...yikes! I don't need 7 days without power again...that was like living in a refrigerator. To this day I STILL do not take hot food for granted.
  10. ^^^^ Or light, or heat! :yes:
  11. Roo : I really hope this storm will cause less damages than the last year one !
    Keep us informed please :smile:
  12. Ok, so is this thing already over? Cuz I was freaking out reading this thinking it was forecast for NEXT Thursday (Oct 25th). I am leaving tomorrow morning to come to Seattle for a week for the Educause conference. :nuts: !!!
  13. It's over Fiat- sorry for the scare! But that does not mean we won't get another one. :p
  14. Whew. :sweatdrop: Well I just looked at a forecast and it looked pretty good...
  15. Weather here can change on a dime, so be ready for anything!! :yes: