hey scarf heads - question

  1. some posters confess they only buy black bags, or only buy box leather, etc. and some posters must have variety/diversity (of leathers, colors, etc.).

    what about with scarves?

    anyone stick with one theme or one colorway???

    anyone exclusively wear pocket squares or exclusively scarves?
  2. I am more versatile with my scarves than bags. I like to have enough variety, so that I can wear one just about every day. I have mostly full-size scarves but have one twilly and one pocket square.

    I have a variety of designs and the colors are ones I have in my wardrobe.

    If the H Web site had a better selection of pocket squares, I would definitely have more. I have enjoyed wearing the one I have.
  3. And some of us only buy black box leather bags.:p

    Anyway, to answer your question. I usually buy the standard carre, because I find it the most useful size to wear. The pochettes and twilly just don't have that luxurious drape of fabric that I desire. But I love loud, bright scarves, usually on a white or black background. It just suits my coloring. Like I told my SA, "I like sedate bags and loud scarves".
  4. At first I only wore pocket squares but then I branched out to scarves and Twillys and now I love the variety. Most of my scarves have horses/animals. :heart:
  5. Nope...I'm pretty versatile although I guess I tend towards realistic animal scarves. I know I have favorite things and if I see a scarf depicting them in someway then I have to pick it up. Horseracing is a definite favorite theme since DH was involved with it.
  6. No, I like to experiment with my scarves..... bugs, evil looking cats, and some birds frighten me, so I stay away from those...
  7. In Hermes, if it's a 35 x 35 silk twill carre, I'll grab it if I can swing the price.

    Other brands, I tend to not want anything less than 30 x 30 inches. I'm currently planning on dumping all my pochettes because they don't have the drape HG referred to. Turns out I like lots of fabric.

    I don't have a single color I collect, although I keep finding myself drawn to orange. I really like brights. My only disagreement with HG would be that in my particular worldview, there is no such thing as "loud" when it comes to scarves.

    Buying the SCAD scarf in aubergine was something new for me. It's my first purplish sort of scarf.
  8. Mythological figures always attract me.......Greek and Roman themes as well (thus "Reverie Pompeiienne" thank you Duna!) and then I love almost anything by Zoe Pauwels and C. Henry. I think it's the intricate designs......

    As far as color, I have to stay away from some yellows, bright orange and some greens. I need to be careful what shade of pink I buy and taupe just makes me look dead.
  9. I would like to clarify here that on more than one occasion I have been accused of trying to blind people with my color choice, so I was sorta joking about there not being any such thing as "loud." I like to think I make it work, but I'm realize I'm probably delusional. Sigh.
  10. Scarves by Natsuno Hidaka, Christine Henry, or with flora or fauna in generally cooler and brighter tones. I'm loud all over--loud bags and loud scarves, but very muted and sedate clothing. On a rare occasion I'll tie a pochette on a bag but I wear mostly 35" scarves. I generally stay away from abstract/modern patterns, horse patterns and equestrian themes. They just don't work on me very well.
  11. Like HG and gga, my collection consists mainly of the standard carre size, mostly the silk twills (just 1 cashmere/silk PM and a half-dozen mousseline PM). I have only a handful of twillys and pochettes and about a dozen of the 27" cotton scarves. While I do have a rainbow of colors in my scarves, yellow, orange and red are not well-represented, but there are lots and lots of blues. I have a very large collection of scarves with at least one or more fishies on them but I avoid scarves with horses on them (Kermit Oliver designs excepted). And the dead bird scarves (see almost anything by Linares). :sick: Can't handle those around my neck either.
  12. ^^^DEAD BIRDS:shocked:
  13. Let me tell you about those dead bird scarves..............I had one, Gibiers by Linares in a gold colorway that was PERFECT for my gold Kelly. A translation of the name is "game", dead game. I liked it nevertheless. I lost it on the subway and was upset about its loss. So, I did what every good H girl would do, marched right into H to find a replacement. When I told my story, one of the SAs said "You lost a scarf with dead game on it and you miss it?"
  14. ^^ haven't you seen those rose? oh dear, i smell a hijack...
  15. Dead birds...priceless...
    I seem to gravitate toward pink scarves, and I inexplicably hoard these and rarely wear them.
    This is a bit off topic, but, I am considering a mousseline scarf/wrap, one that is about 79" x 28" and wondering if anyone has one and how they like it. They are beautiful but very fragile-looking.