Hey SAHMs! What do you carry?

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  1. Hi ladies - just curious about if you have several bags, some for when you have kids, then switch when you don't have the kids with you, or do you have all-purpose bag that you carry all the time with or w/o kids. What do carry in your bags? Is it large or small? Leather or fabric?
  2. I keep my my diaper bag (a leather backpack in the car) and then can use a med sized bag but if I am taking them to a playdate or the library class and need to carry diapers and a sippy cup I use my speedy or a bigger leather bag (A gatsby from Jenny Yuen---great mommy/diaper bag BTW). I used my Gallery tote for the first time today (it's raining) and I can get all my stuff and the book I am reading in there so I am sure if I carried less I could fit a diaper and wipes.
  3. Oh, I forgot - do you prioritize function over fashion? Like do you get the huge bag that can carry sippy cups, or do you get the totally fun and cute bag that can't carry all the diaper bag contents (or toys and snacks, etc!!!)?
  4. I don't switch bags a lot so I usually just keep one, maybe two that I love. Right now I have a black signature large chelsea hobo LOVE HER!!!! She is sooo great! :tup: And I have a natural leather ali that should be here anyday. I don't switch bags depending on kids or not, I have 3 kids and they are almost always with me. They are a little older though, they are 10, 8 and almost 5. :yes:
  5. Up until the point when my youngest was 4, I carried a REGULAR diaper bag w/ my kids' stuff in it, AND mine, so that I wouldnt have to carry 2 bags! The older the kids got, the smaller the diaper bag got (I have had Kenneth Cole, Lands End, Donna Karan, etc., I always tried to buy something that was fashionable, YET functional), so even if the kids werent w/ me, the small diaper bag came w/ me as my own bag! Last year, when my daughter turned 4, I started to give her a bag of her own to carry (a princess knapsack) w/ her snacks, small toys, and books inside to keep her busy when we are out and about, instead of me carrying all of that in my own bag. By doing this, I was able to start buying COACH again. :yahoo: These days I have only been carrying signature bags b/c they are very easy to clean, and lightweight if I need to grab a kid or two kinda fast!!!!!! When we go someplace icky, like a pizzeria, park, or PUMPKIN FARM!!!! LOLOLOL I take my chocolate brown leather swingpack. Otherwise I only switch bags per season. Hope this helps!!!!
  6. Now that my twins are in preschool, I don't always need to carry as much stuff, but I do still suffer from 'girl scout syndrome' and feel the need to pack lots of different things.

    I usually rotate between my whiskey ali, my choc ali slim flap, and my tylie malibu apache shoulder tote; I also keep my legacy swingpack in the car for quick outings.

    I work from home but need to meet clients, etc, so then I carry my gigi tote for my laptop and other work files.

    Sometimes it seems like a hassle to switch things out so much, but I'm finding I keep more in my car now and take what I need depending upon the occasion.

    Ideally, I would love to carry my swingpack inside another bag, and I do this sometimes, but I love my other bags, too, so I contiue switching.

    Wow, I'm tired just talking about it!

    Here's a pic of my Tylie, who gets used on those occasions when I need to give my Coach a break! Tylie picture owned by mule*whisperer (not me)..
    tylie_apache1.jpg Ali1 (Small).JPG
  7. Well right now I am carrying my Mandy in black leather. I have an almost 1 yr old so I carry her diapers, wipes in a diapee & wippee case. And a bottle in a baggy to keep it from leaking. Since I do not go out much I can get by with just a few things. I have a backup bag in the van for any emergencies. And if we go out to eat I carry a really small backpack bag that has her food, etc in it. I can fit everything and the kitchen sink in my Mandy!
  8. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, I keep the diaper bag in the car all the time so in my handbags all I usually have for them is a small pack of wipes and a disposable bib or two...lol! So I am usually carrying my medium choc carly, med signature black ergo hobo, or my sig stripe shoulder tote. :smile:
  9. I love the idea of using the Mandy as a diaper bag! It's such a great bag and is large enough to carry kid goodies.
  10. I was also going to say that I did just have a diaper bag back in the day, seems like forever ago now... but that was only when the kids were like 2 and younger, when they need diapers and snacks and bottles and all that fun stuff... I haven't carried anything around for my 4 year old in probably 2 years or more.. and when I did need to take a sippy or something it would just be in my hand or the car. :yes:
  11. I currently carry a diaper bag in the car with diapers, wipes, disposable bibs. I don't carry extra clothes anymore (she's two), and I usually don't take it with me into the grocery store, etc, and the car is always handy at the park or wherever so I even don't remember to take it to church or someplace where they might need it! So, I am wondering if I need a bag that can carry the kitchen sink like a small tote, or a regular purse...

    Tejas Mama - I am like you - I feel the need to "be prepared" all the time. I have baby fingernail clippers and a small pocket knife in my purse now!!!! Eeeek!

    Do I need the ability to carry books and toys and snacks? Or just be all "about me" these days?!?!?
  12. When my kids were younger (both are early teens now), I used to carry a diaper bag and a separate purse. Back then, I was not aware of Coach or any other fashion brands for that matter. In fact, I was not into fashion at all! Twas only when the kids went to school and I met some moms when I became aware of brand names. So back then, it was more of function than fashion for me. When my kids didn't need diapers anymore, I just upgraded to a smaller quilted tote (nice Chanel looking but actually generic) where I kept water bottles, food and wipes.
  13. i carry either a med. carly or an ergo. it fits diapers, expess pack of wipes and what i personally need. everything else like clothes and such stay in the truck. he does't use sippy cups but we almost always just carry a bottle of water..
  14. I still have the mega diaper bag I use when we're going to be gone all day. I personally carry a large carryall and keep a couple of diapers, wipes, extra outfit for the baby in there. I only have the one bag (and will for awhile, we don't have a lot of extra money at the moment) so I never rotate.
  15. I have been using my large signature stripe tote for my 2 girls-- ages 2 and 8 months! It is holding 1 bottle with extra drop--ins, a formula thingy, diapers for both, a couple of snacks, extra nipples for the bottle, slim wipes container, small stuff like baby tylenol mylicon, teething tablets an extra bib, sippy cup, jar of baby food and spoon... and a wristlet and bottle of water for me.. sometimes my small agenda. I have a large purseket in there and it helps a lot!

    This is what I use when I am only going to be out with the kids for a few hours

    I also use any of my smaller purses for when I am not with the kids.

    I REALLY like this idea of having a diaper bag in the car fully stocked! It would help just in case I run out of something in my bag!