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  1. I was wondering how many of us are involved in parent groups at our children's schools. Let's share support and ideas. Tell us what you do now and have done in the past. I'll start.

    This year I'm PTA President at my little one's pre-school, membership vp at my kindergartener's elementary school and I serve as the leadership vp on the PTA Council for our city. In the past I've been President, membership chair and historian at the elementary school and student recognition rep for the council. Does anyone have some time management tips for me? I'm also home schooling my oldest 3 boys and expecting baby 6 in September. I plan on delegating a lot. :sweatdrop:

    Who else is as insane as I am? Please step forward.
  2. I am involved in something called the "Elternbeirat" here in Germany - both in Nicole's school and Julia & Alex' kindergarten.

    I am the treasurer and also serve on the committee that organises the yearly "kindergarten festival" that is thrown each year in the late spring / early summer.

    My job takes up most of my time, so it's hard for me to squeeze in my respnsibilities toward the scholl / kindergarten - but I do it with pleasure because it's important to me.
  3. The kindergarten festival sounds fun! I'm starting a kindergarten club this year. Tell me the things you do at the festival. Kindergarten is my favorite grade. Bless you for working and volunteering. Volunteers are the heart of of life.
  4. The kindergarten festival is the highlight of my year :smile:

    Our kindergarten runs from ages 3-5. Each age group puts on their own little show and then they all do one together. Mainly it's dressing up and dancing to music. Last year we had a Babar theme :love: All those cute kiddies dressed up as elephants, dancing to music :biggrin:

    Our local butcher also has a catering service and he caters the event. There is lunch after the performance and at 3pm there is cake and coffee. The cakes are made by the parents and all the procedes go to the kindergarten.

    We also have a raffle - everyone wins a prize. The prizes are also donated by the community. Once the performance is over the kids can play on the playground, the moon bounce, etc :smile:
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    Me too. I'm a regular attendee at PTL meetings, school-wide reading Mom, reading Mom for ds6's and ds12's classes, room Mom for ds12 (much to 6 yo's annoyance, another Mom claimed the job for his class), caregiving coordinator (arrange meals for families when new babies arrive--I'd be calling you, OP--someone is ill, a death occurs in the family, someone moves, etc.), volunteer in the library, for recess/lunch duty, caretake a garden at the church (parochial school), and volunteer for special events.

    Okay, I'm tired typing that. And I'm not the most involved Momma at our school...a tiny parochial school with oodles of parent involvement. The PTL has done amazing things this past year, and last week we had our first meeting of new school year. I'm the only attendee at these meetings without a board or committee chair position. I find that too stressful, but I am a good one for helping with back up.
  6. :faint:
  7. President is a task I could never do. I cannot organize well, so I would never try. You rock!

    How do you do it all? Then I think of a speaker I heard who said--I paraphrase: don't compare yourself to other women. They are doing what they are called to do, and you do what you are called to do.

    I look back at the last two years (even three or eight) and wonder HOW ON EARTH did I do all that I did. But it happened and was okay. The words of the speaker ring true. I cannot do as much this coming year and I know it. Again, keep reminding myself...do what you are called to do, NC.

    One week in March, I was super stressed and anxious and finally called the PTL president to back out of setting up for the book fair. I was driving two field trips, doing regular tasks, and ds6's teacher had quit. I was flipping out. Suddenly, not setting up for 40 minutes, and all better. lol
  8. How do I do it? How do you do it? I love that quote and will have to use it. It think at first we just do things for our children and then realize that there are so many kids who need the same support. A lot of parents can't volunteer because of work and I feel like I should be partly responsible for their kids too. We are all in it together.
  9. I agree, Mamma. We just "do it". There's really no thinking about it for me. My children and their education is very important to me and I want to be involved as much as I can. My job limits me in what I can and can't do, but I found a happy medium and a way to make things work :smile:
  10. longtime PTA VP/Treasurer here. I've been involved since my eldest was in Pre-K. She is now in high school! The PTA is absolutely necessary to so many schools because w/o them kids wouldn't have a lot of the things they do. In our case we pay for field trips, new computers, graduation activities, textbooks, tutors, sponsor afteschool activities, etc. My eldest recently graduted middle school and I sat onthe Senior Activities Committee in addition to my regular PTA duties. I have also chaperoned the majority of my kids field trips.

    I do work f/t so I don't have as much time as I like but thanks to technology I can stay in contact by email or Skype. I feel fortunate that I can help out and am glad to do so but it can be very overwhelming especially when fundraising for four kids at the same time! I deeply appreciative of all the parents and families that step up and help with PTA activities.
  11. Oh the fundraising :nuts:
  12. Yup, we just do it. Don't know how. LOL.

    I also agree that there are kids who need our support when their folks can't be there. We are fortunate with the number of parents that volunteer, but that doesn't mean all of them can. I am most available around Christmas and the last two months of the school year, which are also the times when the most help is needed.
  13. Christmas time at school is not for the weak! If you can make it through without a nervous breakdown then you can do anything!