Hey Prada Forum Gals!

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  1. Just to let ya know-Im going to the beach.on vacation.....WOOHOO!......FOR ONE WEEK! starting tomorrow...So if there are any probs in the Prada forum...Please let another mod know..as I wont be here!Will be back next Saturday..will try to boost a wireless signal off PFF's laptop..but its not likely..hee.hee..Will miss you all!
    Have an AWESOME week.....BUY lots of Prada for me!!!!!!( I know you will!!!LMBO!):supacool: :wlae:
  2. Have a great time Jill!!!
  3. Have a great vacation!! Relax and enjoy yourself! :heart:
  4. have fun, jill!! :smile:
  5. have a great time in the sun!!!!
  6. Have a wonderful time!!!
  7. HA!HA! I managed to get a wireless signal on PHH's laptop..so I will check in at night with you guys..If you need me or have any questions......Off to the boardwalk for some FATTENING fudge..LOL....
  8. LOL...Jill, you are too funny. Hope you are having a great time!
  9. have a great time Jill!
  10. Hey Jill - hope you are having a fab time - how are you coping without your fabulous prada packages???:P
  11. Have a great time, Jill! We'll miss you!
  12. ARe you back yet? it's just not the same without you.
  13. It totally isn't the same without Jill!
  14. ^^I agree. I miss her already and I only spoke to her yesterday. sniff, sniff.
  15. IM BACK!!!!!!!!

    LOL! Just got in..gotta unpack....My 10 year old dog just got REALLY SICK and gave me a welcome present EVERYWHERE..:throwup: :throwup: :hysteric: .....all over my rugs...What a way to come home...ROFLMAO...ARGH...Good to be back...:graucho:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.