HEY PF I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi guys! I came back from 4 weeks in Cali! I decided I was not going to use internet at all. And I hung out at the pool and ocean and shopped shopped shopped. Now Im back at home! I'm sooo sad that i have to wait another yr to go back to the u.s. Ow well. I just flew for 13 hrs. and picked up my adorable semi-finalist in the pet contest Roxie! She is soo happy to be home to. She couldnt come with. :crybaby: . Ohh well she is next to me now! I just wanted to say hi to everyone! :yahoo:

  2. Hey welcome back .......did u take pics. Good to know u had a nice time
  3. yes! I just recived my new baby as a present from my multi media father! A new sony! 6.o megs!!!!!!!!!!! I have to go through all my photos though. I only took about 100.
  4. Cool ........Where @ in cali were you ? If u dont mind me asking
  5. Welcome Back!!! Glad you had a great time in Cali!
  6. WELCOME BACK! :yahoo:
  7. Hello! Welcome back:flowers:
  8. Welcome back! Did you buy anything nice :graucho: ?
  9. welcome back!! im glad your vacay was good. pics pics pics!
  10. Nice to see you back, enjlux.