Hey Paula! Watching It?

  1. I think it looks kinda funny! She has big thumbs! :tup: Anyway, it's on tomorrow night.....we'll see! :p
  2. i'll definitely be tuning in... not like i have anything better to do:graucho: plus, i like pretty much any reality show on bravo... hopefully this won't be my first :tdown:.
  3. Oh. She's either extremely tired or....
    Eh. It's okay. Any fans?? No???
  4. I watched...and she's a DIVA!

    And when she's "sleep deprived"...she's wacky!

    should be interesting...I noticed..and yes its probably editing..but it seemed like she went from pretty with it..to totally baked pretty quickly?
  5. I watched it and loved it! She's really, really funny! Seems like she has a good personality.

    She was pretty pissed about those jeans in the limo! LOL! I'd be pissed too! Who wants to wear tight jeans on a long red-eye flight?! They should've known better.

    Anyway, I'll be watching.
  6. I watched it last night and liked it suprisingly. She is diva-ish but she seems sweet too. I'm wondering if she really is sleep deprived or is she on something? I know when I don't eat and don't have enough sleep, I get really silly. Maybe she seriously needs some rest and food.
  7. I think she's 2 clowns short of a parade.
  8. My hubby had a good point that the people that "work" for her don't treat her very well (i.e. thinking of the sweat pants rather than skin-tight jeans)...but more importantly, letting her run herself ragged - I mean, she needs sleep! I don't know - maybe if you get that whacked exhausted, you do seem to be on drugs. Like really deranged. Remember when you were little and had sleep-overs and everyone got the giggles really late at night? I usually did because I was so wicked tired! :yahoo: Just a thought. I think that her "people" should be like "Paula - this is the time that you need for yourself." If she's completely doing it for herself, then she's just a fool. It's not like
    she's a super-star. I could see someone much more famous than her doing something like this but just for QVC and news interviews? Nah.
  9. In starbucks she was a bit:weird:
  10. ahh, she was definitely acting a bit *off*


    but wow, it really did seem like she gets absolutely NO rest... i can't imagine working such hours and being sane.
  11. What time/channel, please?
  12. In California PST like Vegas, I have it on Thursdays at 10:00 on BRAVO.
  13. Why is she not married with children at her age? Because she lives in a world of make believe IMO! I miss the Paula from the 80's....this was quite painful to watch.
  14. Do do ya love me? Come on now! Do do ya love me?
  15. OK, if it's true that in a span of 6 days, she only slept 45 to 90 minutes on average, then it would make sense that she was so loopy. But seriously, hasn't she ever heard of Ambien? :confused1: