Hey, Orange Crush :p

  1. So I posted this in my original thread but figured no one would read it so i made a new thread and am also opening a new discussion. Firstly, to former business- GREAT AWESOME NEWS!!! MY CDC BELT IS BEING DOWNSIZED AS WE SPEAK!
    so in fact, craftspeople ARE able to cut the belt to make it smaller. YAY OH GLORIOUS YAY. so now i just have to wait for the call telling me its ready to be picked up. very exciting. i'm still dying for another belt...maybe croc or ostrich..something exotic. but that will come later, for winter perhaps. it's just so nice to know i can use my favourite belt exactly as i had originally intended. :tup::tup:

    in other news i went to H and really didnt see much i liked there today! the bracelets weren't doing much for me. neither were the bags. the Jiges i saw were cute but i didnt NEED them because last week i bought a satin Prada clutch in jewel tone red so i just felt all clutched out (yes, yes i know the Jige was my ultimate and i weakened with temptation over the Prada). i feel like right now most stores are offering slim pickins. its great for my bank account but it leaves me feeling like im disappointing my SA and like im too picky. i trust im just being totally silly.

    HG you go to H for fun and not always to shop, right? do you feel good about it?

    ok and last thing- i have a crush on an H employee. it is beyond crazy. i dont even understand it but Oh my god. :shame::shame: ANYONE ELSE SIMILARLY INSANE?:sweatdrop:
  2. Fabulous news about the belt! Ooh a crush! That´s a fantastic excuse to peruse around the shop all the time, maybe that´s why you want to buy something so you can go back:graucho:
  3. Is it Stanley in BH???
  4. what size and colors did you saw?

    any jige elan etoupe?

    eherm! about the boy crush...its inspiring but not good for the pockets, IMO
  5. Something you're not telling us, asa? :nuts::graucho:
  6. Congrats on the belt. And no, I don't have any crushes on the staff at my boutique. There's one but he's entirely too young. I believe the others play for a different team if you know what I mean...
  7. oh, its definitely not anyone you would expect :smile:
    i could NEVER EVER TELL!! :graucho:
    maybe if we played a game with clues..but even then i would deny, deny, deny!! :devil:

    bagdizzy- yes, yes to Jige Elan (this is the medium sized one, correct?). i saw Jige in suede. not sure of the colour. i saw Jige in Chevre in Turquoise and in Raisin. perhaps it was Violette since it wasnt so dark.

    theres a bi-colour and texture White and Green Kelly i believe in 28cm. A bi-colour Potiron and Rouge Garrance travel Birkin 50cm. hmm..and a few Bolides, and Plumes. the selection of fun bracelets was small to me. its the colour selection that i am not too crazy about. i like fun colours and black. all they had were browns and orange, a few reds and some boring black bracelets. the enamels were nice but im waiting for something to make my heart sing.
  8. lemming i understand about batting for the other team...
  9. Post pics of the belt when it comes back, I want to see how this is done.

    BTW, no I don't feel bad going into the store just to have fun. I always tell the staff when I'm "just looking" and they still chat anyway. Sometimes they'll whip out things to make it look like we're doing business so we can be left alone. But, if a client comes in to purchae, I wave them off to do their work.
  10. I often go in just to look. The staff is always happy to chat and show me stuff even though they know I am just looking.
  11. BTW, check out the blankets?
  12. CDC belt is good news!
  13. The only crush I have at my store is with the Security Guard.......and that's because I have a thing for any man in a uniform.

    ....even the FEDEX man and he's a woman.....................
  14. croissant are you sure you aren't just under the influence of h intoxication? next time i'm in l.a., i'm going to have to do a walk-through to see if i can spot your hot stuff. any distinguishing features? stems, mane,complexion, doe eyes... biceps?
    any potential for it to be mutual?
    just whatever you do, don't buy anything to get anyone's attention!
    incredibly good news about the belt. yay hermes.
  15. Imagine if you're dating someone from the store, you'll get all the inside scoops on the latest shipment ;P