Hey NorCal BV lovers!

  1. A few of us are getting together to send Jane off in BV style. We are meeting at Union Square in San Francico this Saturday, August 18th at the Cafe in the corner of the Square at either 11 or 12 (to be determined). We can make a trip to the BV store for those that have the time.
    Please come if you love Bottega Veneta and are in the SF area. :wlae: :wlae::wlae:
  2. Good news! My other trip is still Sunday, so Saturday is a go. 11 is difficult (I'd have to leave before 8am) but if it's at 12 I have a better chance of making at least some of it....
  3. Why not just be safe and make it 1pm?
  4. ^^ even bettah. But I don't want my crazy living arrangements to be too much of a hassle!
  5. I think one o'clock on a Saturday is the perfect time to go shopping. And the fog will have burned off by then!
  6. 1 pm it is. Myindulgence, can you make this time?
    Everyone is welcome to come!
  7. Yay! Now I just have to find somewhere to deposit my mom...maybe on bart since she thinks I am silly to buy a purse over $20
  8. I PM'ed you NW.
  9. I am going to call Roberto this morning to ask about that pyramid bag in black and I'll let him know we'll be in for a visit Saturday. I hope he's working! Pretty sure he works Saturdays.
  10. Okay he will be there Saturday afternoon and he told me the pyramid is only made in (for this season anyway) noce and moro. I don't think I have seen moro in person before? I will do a search here for pics.
  11. Yay for trips to SF. Tomorrow will be fun!