hey, needing some help in making decision for first LV

  1. Hi guys! I never really introduced myself, but I'm Adrienne. I'm 16 years old and I live i the Bay Area along with the many other FP members.

    i recently just turned 16, and I am hoping to own my first LV within the next month or so. my other bag i own is a Ferragamo Kelly.:heart:

    My grandma gave me her speedy 30 from 25+ years ago, but the canvas was torn and the vachetta was black, and the hardware rusted.:cry:

    Now, I am trying to decide which bag to purchase. I'm having trouble deciding between 25/30

    Damier speedy 25/30
    Mono speedy 25/30
    Damier Papillon 30
    or lastly, Damier Alma (i'm thinking this is too 'old' for me??):huh:

    please give me advice! thanks a lot girls!:roflmfao:
  2. I think a mono speedy 25 would be perfect for you. It's not too big as to overwhelm you. The alma I always considered an "older" style. While I love damier, I did not love it when I was your age. It was something I grew into. But if you love damier, then get a damier speedy. I just think everyone should have a mono speedy in their collection because it is such a classic bag.
  3. I think that a mono/damier speedy 25 would be good for your age, depending on whether you like mono or damier canvas better. But a papi would be nice too for your age. But any one of those bags would be very nice!
  4. I vote for the Damier 25.

    Since you're 16 and probably a tinier girl the 25 might look great on you and the Damier is a lot less of a fuss and worry than the Mono with the vachetta. Especially if you'll be sitting it down on the floor of a school or other not so clean places.
  5. i'm torn between the mono speedy 25 & the damier pap(the damier pap btw is something that you rarely see as a fake)
  6. oh btw, I forgot to mention that i'm 5'2 and about 100 lbs.

    also, the reason I'm questioning the mono speedy 25 is that if strangers see me and my age, they'll assume the bag is fake

    i've decided that if i were to get a speedy, it'll most likely be the 25

    thanks a lot! any more opinions?
  7. I was 15 when I got my first and to tell you the truth I did cared if people thought it was real or not ,but after I had it, I didn't care since I knew mine was real....

    also realize that most people can tell these days, so most of the people who actually care...know...

    And I think the 25 is a good choice for you...
  8. Hi Adrienne! So, Happy Your Here!!! ....Generally I Would Say Mono Speedy 25. But, It Doesn't Sound Like That Is What Your Looking For (I Understand ~ Lots Of Fakes Out There!)...Go For Something In The Damier Line. I Love The Papillon Or The 25? Let Us Know What You Choose!
  9. Damier Papillon, seems so youthful to me! Plus the Damier is so low stress!
  10. Speedy 25 is great.. but if you like wearing something on the shoulder the pap 30 :smile:
  11. either the mono speedy or the damier pap
  12. Mono Speedy 25. Or, Perhaps the Cabas Piano, or Poppincourt Haute. Good luck with your choices!!!!! Post pics when you get it!!
  13. damier speedy 25
  14. Mono 30.
  15. Ditto! Mono Speedy 25 is a great first LV!