Hey Mon and Michele and Ebay Chanel Buyer

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  1. Here Fake comes! The new number of Fake bags ending with 8481 :sweatdrop: ! Beware if you see Chanel hologram ending with this number :sad:
  2. Thanks Vicky - good information!!!
  3. Have you see a lot then?
  4. Lately 2 cambon bags with same serial ending with 8481 but didn't save any links. I notice from the authenticity card with plastic on it and bag looks so fake too.

    **Oops , I already got my eBay a/c suspended yesterday coz I posted authentic Chanel bag for sale !! :wtf: **
  5. Why?!:cursing: I thought as long as you can present the receipt to eBay, you would be fine:confused1:
  6. Thank for the heads up Vicky! But WHAT is the matter of Ebay to suspende ur act for selling AUTH Chanel!? :cursing: Gosh, i hope you can resolve this issue asap and get back on your selling/buyings, good luck!:flowers:
  7. I would never gain my ebay a/c back. Farewell ebay!

    I rarely purchased goods from ebay so I only sell on ebay.

    I regret that I have no chance to post all of my Gucci bags for sale as I promised myself no Gucci anymore. Personally, Gucci means nothing for me now but in past 5 years I got loads of them.

    Yesterday I posted one of my travel line Chanel backpack for sale as I think Chanel would be easier to see the different between fake and authentic. As Fake Gucci is quite hard to notice. So after Chanel bags I will post all my Guccis for sale. I do think if I sold some authentic bag before it will be fine to post more bags.

    Just laughing at myself now. Ebay authenticator is so xxxxxx. Through all my life never used fakes and my ebay a/c suspended coz I sell fake :shame:

    :crybaby: Wanna throw Guccis out and gain more Chanel/LVs
  8. Vicky2007- with all my deep sympathy to you:crybaby:

    If I may ask you, where do your Guccis come from? Since my friends back home loves Gucci, if the source is reliable, they might be interested in what you have. But of course I can not gaurantee what their final decisions will be . Just hope this can help a little :smile: PM me if you want to discuss it in private.
  9. Thanks for your info but Chu..... :supacool: we shouldn't do any businesses here :sweatdrop:
    My bag are bought here in London from various stores Harrods, selfridges and some from original Boutiques.

    Anyway, Thank you. You are very kind.
  10. Updated!
    I'm searching ebay now and saw some cabas and other chanel bags ending with 8481 and they are all fakes....very bad!
  11. That is terrible! Sorry to hear that Vicky!

  12. SORRY 8184 NOT 8481 :shame:
  13. So sorry to hear that Vicky! The eBay world is a strange world sometimes.
    I would have definitely be interested in the Chanel bags you were planning to list, especially as I am living in the Netherlands and wouldn't have to pay customs after buying.
  14. I would hate to be one of those people who gets ripped off!