Hey Moms!! Check your car roof before you drive away.

  1. http://tucsoncitizen.com/arizona-news/2012/06/02/baby-in-phoenix-road-left-on-car-roof-mom-arrested/
  2. Wow. Good thing the child wasn't hurt.
  3. I don't see how someone can make this mistake. So glad the baby wasn't killed.
  4. :shocked: I cannot believe and am so thankful that the baby wasn't injured or killed.
  5. Okay, I know a Focus isn't that tall a car, but how tall and strong must that woman have been for it to have been convenient to set a carseat on top the car? Carseats are freakin' HEAVY, and to heft one up that high just seems really difficult for me to imagine.
  6. I hope she gets at least five years for this.
  7. :nogood::tdown: I really wish these young women who are not ready to be moms would get some birth control that works.
  8. Idiot
  9. poor child.
  10. And also let's make sure the sperm donors do so as well. It takes two to tango.

  11. I directed my comment only at the moms because in this case the mom is the one who left the baby on top of the car.
  12. This story is so sad! How can a parent put their child in such danger?