Hey Mommies -- I Need Suggestions for a Park Bag

Nov 7, 2005
Bay Area
Hi there all you mommies and purse lovers,

I have lots of yummy bags that I love (B-Bags, LV, etc.), and I have my functional diaper bags (3 kids). But, I'm guessing I'm going to be spending more time at the parks this spring and summer (and maybe the swimming pool), so I'm trying to find an inexpensive canvas tote (maybe LL Bean-ish?) to lug everything (snacks, drinks, diapers, etc.). (But not huge.)

Can you all think of anything else besides an LL Bean or Lands End tote that I won't mind bringing to the park or pool?
Sep 2, 2007
I just got an email from http://www.mitzibaker.com/.

I have never seen her bags IRL, but when I looked, I thought that these would make the PERFECT diaper bags. I'm a mom of 2 and one is still a toddler....so I know what you mean about a bag that you can abuse.

Plus there is a huge sale, have a look, I think one of them may work for you.


Dec 27, 2006
Try the Overland Equipment brand - I'm not really hip on their new designs (their old ones are a little more understated), but the old ones are still available at REI and zappos. Timbuk2 also makes great stuff, though in general they are a little pricier and the bags aren't as pliable, due to the waterproof interior (which may be a good thing for swimming! We use my Medium all the time at the pool).


On a ball field
Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
What about Jcrew? They have some cute totes online right now, some on sale too. I also carry a small collapsable cooler for drinks since I don't like drinks to "sweat" in my fabric totes. Also, keeps the drinks cold too!


Plaisir D' Amour
Jul 30, 2007
I know you said besides LL Bean and Lands End BUT have you looked at the "make your own" part on LL Bean? You can customizes your own tote. I did it a couple years ago--I love that bag!!