hey Miu Miu girls... squishy? do tell...

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  1. ok so i was out and about on the town one night and i spotted a huge gray leather handbag on some chicks arm. she was talking to people i know so i walked right up to her and said "hey, that is a GORGEOUS bag... what is it?" she proudly replied that a friend had gotten it for her for Christmas and it was a "Moo Moo" i just about died. she was cute. well promptly after that she let me see it and i just couldn't get over how perfect the leather felt. i by no means have the money for one of these bags but OmG.

    so just enthuse me. tell me how lovely the leather is. pictures are welcome of whatever you have. do you love these bags because they make you want to hug them, i mean haha... so maybe that sounds crazy but i'm a nut for some nice leather and i never realized how nice it got. rawr. lovely!

    and this thing right here is just divine. *sigh* i wish.


    i think i'll be saving for one of these bags one day. it's definitely a designer on the "need" list of my life! share your fave Miu Miu bags pls pls!:tup:
  2. I love the coffer... I think it's the same leather as the bag in your post... I love the smooshy leather too! You just can't help touching it... sooooooo enticing! yah!
  3. :girlsigh:

  4. I have the coffer too and I think the bag you are describing is made of lambskin. It's incredibly soft and smooshy. I just want to hug my bag all the time, at work, at home, in the car. I think my DH is getting jealous of the coffer.

  5. haha well tell him to get smooth like lambskin... err anyway lol

    i have a kooba bonnie and she's italian lambskin. it's divine... but when i saw/felt/smelled/experienced miu miu leather IRL... totally different leather for sure. softer, more supple, the whole nine. i didn't see a coffer IRL. it wasn't... all bumpy like that. it was a nice rich gray color and it was smooth leather (nappa? mmmm)

    ooo it starts with a G... what's that word?

    come on school me girls, what do u call that? hehe i'm tryin to educate myself for my next few purchases! :drool:
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