Hey Minnesotans! Did you go the the Great MN Get Together!

  1. I was there Sunday after work! The weather was absolutely gorgeous for the State Fair!

    I want to say hi to all of those that did or will go and say have a great time.

    Also, share some of my food experiences.

    1. Sweet corn-AWESOME! So sweet a great bang for your $2.50. My fav food.

    2. Hot Dish on a stick-It's ok, just meatballs. I didn't even taste the tator tots

    3. Beer Battered Brats on a stick-Ok too, just like a corn dog but with a brat

    4. Deep fried pickles-Not good, salty, and made me sick

    5. Pronto pups-Always yummy

    6.Chocolate covered marshmellows-yummy treat for only 50 cents, how can you beat that?

    7. Sweet Martha's Cookies- Do I need to say more? I bought a bucket for home:shame:

    8. Red Bull Freezee pops- This has a kick and is so tasty! Highly recommend. (At Axel's)

    My legs are exhausted now but I had so much fun. I sat in the bleaches during one of our news shows (WCCO). It was interesting to see how they do live shows. I missed the dunking of the hosts though b/c they don't do it on weekends, just weekdays.

    How are other members state fairs? Minnesota makes a really big event during this time of year and is anticipated by many of us:P
  2. I go every year LOL. I went on Friday, nice and cloudy. I hate it when its hot, yuck!
  3. I haven't gone yet... I'll probably go this weekend, if time permits. I haven't been to the fair in about 5 years, though.

    mmm... just thinking about the food is making me hungry!
  4. Awww....I miss the Minnesota State Fair! I moved away 20 years ago. :crybaby: (Yikes!)

    We always had the Tom Thumb doughnuts. Yum.

    And we would always get the cone of miniature chocolate chip cookies (freshly baked!), then head over to the booth where you could get all the fresh, cold milk you could drink for a quarter. Outstanding! :yahoo:

    We'd spend a lot of time on Machinery Hill. (The farm boy in my ex) Plenty of free stuff to get there. And a lot of time in the barns.

    My daughter would have spent hours on the rides if we'd let her. :upsidedown: But we'd eventually have to cut her off. LOL

    We'd usually go to a concert or two. We always had front row seats!

    I could go on....the Minnesota State Fair is the best! :yes:
  5. I totally agree! Tom Thumb mini doughnuts are still the best! So are the cookies. I bought a pail full and the cookies are so soft and moist. I bought a cup of milk which is now $1.00 and when I went back for more refills to have with my cookie they were closed:crybaby: I was so THIRSTY too! I chowed down 3 thinking I'd get some milk to wash it down.

    I ate like 6 today:shame:
  6. Have never been to the MN state fair -- or the Iowa one either...

    We do go to the Clay County fair in Spencer, IA each year though... supposed to be the largest COUNTY fair in the US but I'm not sure on that... it's pretty big though! Lots of performers, etc.

    And the Tom Thumb donut place is always packed! I bought a bag one year but didn't really care for them -- probably the only person who doesn't! haha!

    I love getting the sugar roasted nuts; fried green tomatoes and an onion blossom. YUM! My daughter loves it all -- starting with those big fried dough thingies.

    Usually I work in our booth for half of the days and love being there vs. being at my office. :P My favorite thing to look at is the boats and the modular homes.
  7. I didn't go yet this year... I'm not sure if I will or not. It seems to be the same stuff every year and fried food isn't really my thing. Darn. hehe :o)
  8. ummm, this is a little old fashion but our family listens to this show on public radio called Pairie Home Companion - I think I remember them broadcasting from the MN State Fair. Did you hear anything about that?
  9. Oh I love the state fair!! When I was little my brother got lost there and we had to sit under the huge chipmunk until we found him. This post made me sad because my husband and I just moved to Naples, FL. I like it here so far, but I miss the midwest!
  10. I hear ya! I was SOOOOOO homesick when we first moved out here! :crybaby:

    I'm sitting here giggling over the huge chipmunk! Dang, but I miss that fair!