Hey, Michelle, John and Matt Didn't you say there was gonna be a *Miroir Lockit*?!?!

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  1. Hey I SWEAR I remember reading Michelle, John and Matt saying they were told a miroir Lockit was going to be available. Was this BEFORE the production problems? I am kinda confused, I really wanted one and I dunno if my papillion is gong to come through, but I was just curious if this one is going to be available (Lockit)!?!? thanks! :flowers:
  2. there will be no miroir lockit, don't know where they got this info as it's not true.

  3. Haha ok, thanks!
  4. No there is no Lockit, they might have seen it on runway... somtimes if you see a bag on runway it is not always produced.
  5. Yeah, I remembered just recently that this was mentioned. I was a smart a$$ telling my SA that there was going to be Lockit, now I look like a dumb a$$ instead. LOL.
  6. I do remember that too. May be , because of the production problems, they couldn't do it as they planned.:shrugs:

    I, personally, think Miroir Lockit...must be totally TDF.
  7. Indeed I did say it. One of my close sources told me that the release will be after the Speedy, Papillon, Pochette, Cles, and Keepall release. :shrugs:
  8. Is it the small lockit?
  9. it's gonna look cute~~
    is it reliable source?
  10. I was just told that a Lockit was going to be released after the Miroir launch. My source is very reliable IMO. ;)
  11. WOOOOO, what size is the lockit? very interested !!
  12. It would be very interesting to see miroir lockit!!
  13. Im pretty sure that if it was true, there would be a waiting list and people would be informed of it...
  14. John ,, thank u so much for sharing it with us :heart:

    and Oh i didnt know that rude ppl do exist ..;)
  15. just being honest, not rude dear.