Hey MEDALLION girls! Do you wear the bag with the Medallion hanging out or in?

  1. So I've been wearing mine with the Medallion dangling out. Since it's gold though, I did hide it one day when I was in a total silver jewelry mode and then the bag just became a plain black bag.

    Anyway I was just wondering what all of you do. I noticed on "The Hills", Lauren never wears it with the Medallion out.

    I just love the bag though soooo much! :yahoo:
  2. I don't have one but if I did, I'd wear it on the inside.
  3. mine is pink/sh.....

    i always make sure that the medallion is OUT....but it seems like it comes right back in when i sling it on my shoulder!!!!! LOL

    then i have to pull it out!!!!
  4. In. Also be careful when you open it don't use the medallion part to pull the zipper open because the loop is not that strong.
  5. I start off wearing it out and it slings back in after awhile...
  6. I wear mine "in" mostly because I often leave the bag unzipped for easier access.
  7. Really? That's not good! :sad: Has it come off easily on other people's bags?
  8. I've only heard it happening to about three tPF members. They just take it back to Chanel and get it fixed or fix it themselves.

    Most have had no problems though.
  9. ^ Oh good! But yeah I will make sure not to pull on it when I open the zipper. I mostly keep my zipper open all the time anyway.
  10. I wear mine in, i prefer it that way.
  11. I leave mine inside and I never zip this bag either
  12. Ditto
  13. so far I've been wearing it "in."
  14. Usually OUT. But sometimes its too loud and jingly that way, so I wear it IN. :p
  15. I didn't mean to scare ya, just wanted you to be aware that is is somewhat delicate. But if it opens up, like has been said earlier, the loop can easily be tightened.