Hey LV Ladies...

  1. NOTE: I am copying and pasting this message from the Introductory thread, which is where I originally left it.

    Hello all!

    My name is Jasmyne and I was ushered to this wonderful blog by my Louis Vuitton partner-in-crime, Leanne (AKA "addictedtolv").

    I live in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland and take great joy in pointing out fake bags as a personal everyday hobby. I think it is my civic duty as an authentic Louis Vuitton addict (one of the few I've met in my city) to educate my friends on the many fakes plaguing our society. *snicker*

    I am also a 25-year-old married mom of a 1-year-old...and stepmom to a 6-year-old, although I shudder to say I have two children because it makes me feel old. Blah. :yucky: Oh yeah, and I'm half Puerto Rican and half Black, but my Spanish sucks.

    Right now, all I carry is Louis Vuitton. Period. But I know there are other comparable high end brands out there and maybe some of you ladies can convince me to think outside of the box! Just don't try too hard, or my husband's wallet will have to kill you.

    Adios por ahora! (Bye for now!)
  2. Welcome Jazzybelle! Looking forward to more posts from you and we would love to see photos of your bags!
  3. Welcome to the forum. I would love to see pics of your bags.
  4. hi!!!! welcome to the PF!!!!! you're going to have lots of fun on here!!!
  5. YAY! You finally made it!
  6. Thanks! :P I'll take a photo and post it tonight, but my collection is not as grand as it once was. I went through a phase last year where I bought any and anything I thought I remotely liked and this spring, I started selling off pieces I didn't really care for after all. So I'm in the process of rebuilding my collection with items I truly cherish and plan to keep forever.
  7. welcome to the forum!! it is very addictive
  8. Welcome!! Your gonna love it here!! This place definatly contributes to you buying more bags!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi Jazzybelle ~ Welcome....So Happy To Have You Here!!!
  10. Here are photos of my collection! 6 months ago it was twice this size...and I only recently found a black Epi bag I really liked to replace the Petit Noe and Buci I sold off...it is a Jasmin (appropriate, considering my name is Jasmyne!) I'll post photos when it arrives!
    Jazz's Collection.JPG Jazz's Multicolore.JPG Jazz's Monogram.JPG Jazz's Damier.JPG Jazz's Epi.JPG
  11. nice bags *jazzybelle*
  12. Nice collection jazzybelle,:heart: them all :yes: .
  13. Thanks! ;) I don't know if you guys noticed, but there are certain accessory pieces I must have in order to carry a bag from any of the collections - an ID holder, a pochette cles/keychain, and a checkbook holder to accompany my wallet. I will NEVER carry a Damier bag with a Monogram accessory piece, etc. Does that make me a snob or just anal? :hrmm:
  14. Ooooh, posting on this forum will get you to buy more more and more! I know it's done that to me....

    I love your MC heels, they're beautiful! I love your collection! Welcome to the forum!
  15. Nothing wrong with that. :graucho: I'm the exact same way. I don't like to mix collections, but I know some people who don't mind. But that's not my cup of tea:shame: