Hey! Look what I found on LB's site!

  1. So, there's a link in the Tangerine MAM thread that has a link to the MAM in tangerine on Lunaboston, which has no picture and isn't showing up on the Rebecca Minkoff main page. So I was thinking, maybe there's other hidden stuff? And there is! :yahoo:

    Here is the link:

    and if you change the number to 18933, you get a different bag! It goes all the way up to 18960 (which means they're getting in around 25 different styles of RM! Yay!)

    So, there are no pictures, but at least we can all see what LB is going to get in, and we can pre-order. And the expected ship date will give us a clue as to when they'll get them!

    I cannot wait until I can get my Steady in dusty/silver spot and my Steady in sterling!
  2. Whoa! That's awesome! So I see that the tangerine MAB is 18936! So those who were interested in the regular size MA, can rest assured that it will be available at LB!
  3. So smart of you, thanks
  4. Very clever! Does anyone know what color night is?
  5. The pics aren't working on the site. I just get a little box with the red X in it. :confused1:
  6. ^There are no pics. However, you can see the title, which IMO, is still very exciting. Yes, I know I am lame!
  7. I think it's very exciting too! It's like we have the code to unlock the secret! Can't wait till they upload the pictures.
  8. Ahhh! Gotcha. It is still very exciting. I just thought I was missing something!:idea:
  9. Night is either black or navy blue...I don't think anyone knows just yet.

    GUNG - don't feel lame that you're excited, I'm excited too! As soon as I figured it out I was like, I HAVE to post this on tpf!
  10. Props to whoever figured this out! I am so tired of going to the RM website and not seeing anything new!!!
  11. So the MAB will be available in Tangerine? That's the best news I've received all week :yahoo: Do they offer a discount on pre-orders?
  12. ^yes, it is! Are you going to get it?
  13. The hardest part about this all is the waiting LOLOL!
  14. Yes, Im definately getting it. There's no doubt about that. The only thing that may stop me is if I find a MAB in yellow/silver.
  15. Wow daniela127 are you a programmer? I love that you figured this out! Thanks!!